Escape from Tarkov

As a New Player, I am in love with how obtuse this game game can be.

Content of the article: "As a New Player, I am in love with how obtuse this game game can be."

This isn't some sort of ironic love either. Not enough games are willing to trust the players anymore. A lot of people rag on the quests and this game and some of them I can certainly see why( Delivery from the Past for example kind of blows for solo players).

I think the biggest draw with this game to me isnt just the gameplay loop or the extreme depths of gun play. I fully believe I am in love with this game because of how LITTLE information is presented to the player often forcing them to look into outside resources to learn. To me it reminds me of the old days of WoW when most players had Thottbot up on another monitor while questing.

And theres nothing wrong with that.

I fully believe that by handing the player all the information required, it would strip the sense of community this game fosters via discord groups, streamers and such. I'm not some hardcore player crushing this game 40 hours a week either so I've come to accept I wont be as good as guys like Pestily or DeadlySlob. But by being able to learn from players like them, it keeps the mystery and wonder of the game alive for much longer for the average and casual players.

So Nikita, if your team ends up reading this, if you guys end up overhauling the quest system, please trust your community. I'm not saying have Prapors first quest be to get 3 RSASS, the quests should follow player progression. But dont be afraid to keep some of the earlier quests fully intact.

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My only gripe is how many of them revolve around customs and especially dorms. If you want to push new players into PVP hotzones, maybe rework the vendors so players will have access to more than an SKS with PS ammo at level 5. Maybe allow ADARs to be purchased with rubles from skier level 1?

You know your community and its totally fine to trust them to find information from outside sources if that means you can work on other stuff to make the game better. So keep doing what you're doing but please keep the low level players in mind when it comes to vendor availability and initial quests.

After all, these the guys who are going to be getting their friends to buy this game and inject new blood into it on a constant basis. That's just my 2 cents.

So in short all I'm asking is: Trust your community to be guided by more experienced players. Its okay to let people figure stuff out on their own. But give new players a fighting chance against geared players early on into the wipe if you're going to push them into PVP areas. Even if it means just giving them an ADAR and M855 ammo as a purchasing option with rubles/USD.


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