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Auto RAM cleaner is the biggest culprit of in-game stutters and freezes and here’s a temporary fix.

While the game cannot really run well with it turned off indefinitely since the RAM usage will go up and stay up even though it is not used, resulting in the second raid to have stutters again but for a different reason.

The way RAM cleaner works as of now is that the moment that the game doesn't requires things inside RAM it flushes them out immediately, even when you just want to go the menu it will flush out everything, resulting in freezes when going in and out of the menu screen when in-raid for instance. The freezes are caused by rapid flushing and putting stuff on the RAM.

First off open your task manager, enable RAM cleaner while in the main menu for the excess RAM usage to be flushed you will monitor this with the task manager, after that disable the RAM cleaner and go into the raid with it disabled. Now if you're playing on high texture settings you might be touching the ceiling of RAM(If you have 16GB) usage but it shouldn't be an issue for most. On medium texture settings I hit max usage at around 10GB which is fine.

After finishing the raid repeat the process again of enabling RAM cleaner and disabling it after the memory is flushed. Also Do Not Disable it until the RAM usage goes down it might require a couple of seconds give it some time.


The solution and recommendation for BSG is to make the RAM cleaner a smarter function, it is a necessity but it's not working properly because it eliminates one issue and causes another, I recommend that RAM automatically 'cleans' AFTER every raid, or make it a lot more subtle and less extreme when in raid.

It might be a hassle for some but I've seriously had the most smooth tarkov experience to date with this. I seriously hope this helps someone as I've seen people had a lot of issues this patch with stutters. Also if this doesn't work I've heard some people had luck by re-installing the game completely. You can also always delete your GPU driver caches just in case.

Good luck


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