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Been playing sine 2017 – First time Kappa. Some thoughts on how I got there

So I've been playing almost every wipe since back in Christmas 2017, when the game looked like this.

Kappa hasn't been around since then, but ever since they added it I never thought I'd get even close so never tried. With lockdowns I had a bit more free time to run a few more raids. I'm normally a 20-30% extract arte kind of guy, but this wipe things seemed to click and managed to boost my extract rate to the dizzying heights of 50%


Thoughts on getting to Kappa? I'm mid 30's have a family and work full time, my PVP isn't great but if you have the time and dedication to do it, its not too difficult, you just have to really focus on quests and get them dont pretty quickly with.

Quests I struggled with, the same as most people I guess. SBIH sticks out, but as soon as I knuckled down and went for those headshots instead of trying to do it passively it went pretty quickly.

Some SBIH clips Clip1





The most stressful were Test drive Part 1 and TheGuide.

Decided to try and get Test Drive over and done with as fast as possible so just went pure factory and try to play conservatively. 4 out for the 5 guys I killed were pistol bois, the only one who wasn't was the guy in the clip above. Got very lucky and completed it without any deaths.

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The guide wasn't too much trouble, ran into 3 players during the whole thing. Almost died to a guy with flechett rounds on Interchange, lucky he didn't go for my face.

The order I did it in was

  • Factory (Figure is the quickest/easiest one to die on so get that out the way first)
  • Labs, easy to die on. The most cost effective way would be to do it last but would be a royal pain to get to the end and die, bought about 10 labs cards from therapist on resets just in case but ended up not needing them. Went into the basement, killed a raider and extracted straight away via an elevator.
  • Customs
  • Reserve
  • Interchange
  • Woods, left this until last, figured would be the easiest, about 1 min from outskirt extracts this happens, definite pucker moment

I thought Tarkov shooter would take a while, but again I got lucky and managed to get it done on my 2nd attempt. Thanks again to pistolers/hatchlings they really do help on those PvP quests.

Insomnia was actually quite fun, I dont normally do night raids. I did most of them on night factory, holy shit are people stacked on that map. Reserve is relatively straight forward at night, a lot of guys go under geared without NVG's so easy to pick off around the marked rooms. Feels bad dunking on low level guys but the quests have to be done.

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I really enjoyed the setup quest, running around customs with am mp153 and AP rounds is really funny. Honestly you could play with nothing other than the AP20 153 shotgun and be absolutely fine. Its a great gun. A hex grid and Altyn will not save you from a gut shot

For The Collector quest I got almost all items passively, my last piece missing was a mustache where I'd accidentally sold my FIR version doh.

Here was the final moment

It honestly felt like a great achievement, not something I'd gotten from a video game in a long time.

I could go on about all the bad things in Tarkov, but we know all the issue off by heart now. Whatever the current state of the game is, BSG have made a damn good game that I keep coming back to. Nothing even comes close right now for me.

Edit – Just a quick addition on the performance this wipe, on the whole its been pretty great, I only seem to get stutters on Reserve, and didn't encounter any game breaking bugs this time, I think I only had to re-log once the entire wipe for a gun lock issue. Scavs have been ok, sometimes the scab gt lucky and bullshits you, but that's how it goes, happens with PvP also. Don't recall coming across any hackers, maybe a couple of incidents where it might have been a hacker, I think I only reported 1 or 2 people. Favorite map, Factory. Worst map, Interchange or Woods. I hate dieing to random bushes.

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