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BSG and their illogical, emergency fixes to relevant problems

Content of the article: "BSG and their illogical, emergency fixes to relevant problems"

So the recent changes to the thicc case quest made me want to post about some other dumb changes BSG made. I hope at least one person reads this, let's get into it:

Ripstop fabric was too rare for Textiles Part 1. LVNDMARK streamed like 24 hours straight running interchange just to get 10 for the quest. Their solution? Add a craft for it! Nice! Now I don't have to go into raid to complete a quest.

Why couldn't they just buff the spawn rates by 10x on interchange? Make them common! They're not worth a lot anyway, and it would make the game more immersive instead of a crafting simulator.

Nobody was finding defibs in raid for the Jaeger quest. The solution? Add a craft for it! Genius! The defib isn't even such a valuable item goddamn just add some spawn points for it. It's worth the same as ophthalmoscope so make it spawn as frequently. I've found 10-15 ophth in roughly 25 resort runs. I've found 0 defibs because its only readily available from ultra med, maybe the single most highly contested room in the game, or cheater infested labs. It also spawns in mantis and emercom med, but in my experience, these two locations have been nerfed to shit this wipe and you're probably going to need to run interchange 50+ times to find it in these locations.

It's the same thing with RFID, COFDM, VPX, and Virtex's. Why do these items only spawn in cheater infested labs or super-duper rarely on reserve? the ULTRA mall clearly has a huge military presence, why are these items not found in the military areas of this map? Maybe the Goshan tent, or KIBA, or Generic? How did the UN troops in Shoreline communicate with their boss back home? Add a spawn or two to the bunker, or the un roadblock (there isn't any loot here as of right now so this would give people a reason to go there). There's no reason for these items to be as rare as they are, most of them didn't even have a purpose aside from 1 quest and 1 hideout upgrade prior the recently added trades. They don't even trade for anything good either and have literally no purpose in the game except to be a pain in the ass to find once or twice per wipe.

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Killa was too easy to farm! His armor was too readily available! The solution was to make killa spawn without his Killa armor and instead with some crap armor or none at all. The issue with killa was that he was too easy to leg meta, meaning people had to risk no gear to get all of his good loot! Don't take the "killa" away from killa and just give him shinpads and not get perma stun locked goddamn. Make it so you have to bring good gear and ammo to kill killa. He's an athlete, just give him shinpads which protect his legs. Make his RPK rarer and reduce the backup mags and change the AK to have good ammo. It would make killing him worth 100-200k less and also add some variety to his weapons.

People were complaining about the mosin so they made the mosin quite a bit more expensive, and as of recently added a buy limit to all 7.62x54R ammo as well as increasing the price of lps (maybe some others I'm not so familiar with their prices). They seem to have forgotten that around 10% of the game's quests depend on this gun. You want me to get my sniper skill to level 4, 6, and 9? Currently, the best way is to just reload the mosin a ton of times. Those quests should honestly just be removed because the sniper skill as it is is basically useless and a huge pain in the ass. Instead, just make lps ammo only one tap on level 3 armor, and two tap level 4. This would make level 4 armor more relevant again and reduce the stopping power on the mosin. Everyone can and usually does run level 4 armor (6b3TM) from Ragman LL2.

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In conclusion, there are so many examples of really badly planned "band-aid" fixes to relevant problems in this game. I don't want to craft every quest item and I don't want to fight bosses who have been gimped in band-aid fixes. I don't want to have to wait around to buy more ammo for a cheap gun so that I can go shoot scavs on woods in an assortment of different ways and from varying distances. A lot of these fixes seem to have no thought behind them. Lastly, I'm completely open to criticism and I welcome somebody to give me a reason as to why these changes were implemented the way they were.

Hopefully, someone with some kind of influence sees this and can address it on a more public platform.


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