Escape from Tarkov

BSG for the love of god keep your players informed

As the title says please stop keeping us in the dark with everything. Ive been playing this game for three years but you're really making it hard to enjoy. There are so many things you keep us in the dark about ( the cause of late spawns, how many player scavs spawn, if someone gets this spawn can someone else get another 20 feet away, etc..) Alot of info can be found on the wiki but that's still just a wiki and not official information. The two major changes that no one knew were going to happen and still don't know about in the past 24 hours that have taken place are as follows…

First, the changes to thicc cases from missions. I play with three friends and I'm the only one that ended up getting the thicc case because I grinded my ass of in the past month. I feel like my friends are at such a disadvantage now because of this change and guess what…you didn't say anything or forewarn anyone. Why not give a heads up and let people know you are making changes and to get the quest done before the changes were made….

Secondly, 5.45×39 ignoik and BS has had problems recently due to a bug. This does not mean you need to take the ability to buy BS away from praopr and not make announcement and also nerf the ammo into the ground and not tell anyone what the changes are. It is very easy to tell something changed but we are kept guessing. The most obvious proof I have of it getting nerfed is having a hit count of 25 on a single pmc (690 damage to the body and 180 to armor) and him not dying while using BS ammo this should technically be impossible because of the amount of health every pmc has, however, it still happened…. Listen, I just wanna be informed and I'm sure your entire player base does as well.


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