Escape from Tarkov

BSG, from a very senior player, please consider consulting your player base before MAJOR quest, or gameplay changes.

I have played tarkov since 0.6, and have sunk nearly 1700 hours into this game, and I love it to death!

Today I was nearly about to buy some ledxs to finish the private clinic quest and make a bit of cash so that I could finish other quests, or at least have the funds to work on them. I decided that I would browse Reddit for a few minutes, and then saw that you only get an items case, I nearly shat my self because I was so close to buying the ledxs.

Instead of being able to insert some money into the system, you lose 5-6 mil all for an items case, which you can buy for a fifth of the price. If you choose not to sell it, you get a quarter of the space you would with a thicc items case.

I have not been having a good day on tarkov today, died nearly every raid, mostly to shots not registering, or desync, or sometimes to my own mistakes; No matter how I've died, it just seems like this patch is just off, the measures taken to 'counter' RMT and traders are cool, but also seem to be shitty.

And before I continue, I'm just going to say, you probably won't agree with what I'm saying, or going to say, and are probably going to be all pissy because "you're just mad because you can't abuse the flea market to make money, lmao get good trash"

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In my opinion, people who grind to level 4 traders first deserve to have a bit of an advantage, in the real world resellers exist, if someone has something that someone wants, and the person who wants to buy it cannot buy it, they will gladly pay a premium. If someone who has level two sellers wants to build a meta fal, why can't people relist it at maybe a maximum of 120% of the original price. *However people reselling quest items can suck a dick*

Battlestate seems to be structuring their game around RMT and cheaters, rather than their actual, loyal playerbase.

This change to the quests may not seem like a big deal, but when you're grinding out as many quests as you can, and sinking millions to get quest rewards, only to find out that this happens, is kind of disheartening.

Just please consider posting a poll on twitter or something, or even have it IN GAME, so that people can actually voice their opinion, sure the quest rewards may implements billions of roubles into the economy, but who gives two shits.

– From a slightly upset veteran gamer man.


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