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Came across a friendly PMC and had the most wholesome experience I’ve ever had in Tarkov

Content of the article: "Came across a friendly PMC and had the most wholesome experience I’ve ever had in Tarkov"

A couple days ago I had a moment with a friendly PMC that I’ll never forget ever, and I just wanted to recount it for the peeps:

Loaded into reserve to do my relatively low risk run with a pimped glock and a wad of keys. As I was hitting the middle pawn locked rooms I heard a bit of shuffling downstairs so I took up a position and waited. Turns out me and a random USEC were both camping a random scav running up and down the stairs lmao. I ended up killing him thinking it was a player before hearing a zillion “CEASE FIRE”’s, sealing my butthole tight as I waited for impending doom. We both waited for a minute, but then he just kept signaling for me to not shoot and I figured, given how low risk my load out was, that it was time to try to make a friend. Cue the most awkward repeated peeking I have ever seen in this game from both of us until finally he worked up the courage to come up to me.

Seeing the scav body on the ground he clearly was worried I’d tap him if he looted, and simultaneously I was thinkjng the same thing. But after just standing around for a couple of minutes I decided to just try and lead him and see if he would follow. He does, and I’m suddenly super at ease and having a ton of fun trying to use different language voice lines and hand gestures to communicate with this random lad. After scooting around the whole map and opening every locked door for us, I ended up finding a graphics card in king that the Chads must have missed in their furious loot vacuuming. Now I get that this is a big pickup, especially for a low risk run, but I have my level 2 bitfarm completely filled and I needed this lad to know how thankful I was to have such a different kind of run and for taking such a big risk on me, so I threw it at him to which he clearly scrambled to open up room in his gamma or alpha to get it in. And thus our friendship was cemented for eternity, this man patiently followed my Russian commands for the whole raid and we both extracted safely out of D-2. I was wearing such a big shit-eating grin the whole time and I thank you, random USEC, for allowing me the variety of gameplay that comes with taking a risk on a random.

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Long story short: The money will come and go, but moments like this don’t always happen and we should try to be open to the possibility of them sometimes, despite the risk involved. PvP is definitely fun, and making stacks is also very fun, but a single graphics card was totally worth the puzzle game that comes with trying to work efficiently as a team without any real means of complex communication. Yes there are shitheads out there, yes a lot of the time cease fire really means “I dare you to peek this corner”, but that’s what makes gambling on them so much fun in those moments. Tarkov is a shooting game, but It can also be so much more than that if we all try to diversify the kind of engagements we have!

If your out there USEC buddy, your the real hero, enjoy the graphics card and I hope to see you on the battlefield again someday!


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