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Change Tarkov to a loot based economy

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Just spit balling here, but what if we built on that idea of removing ammo and armor from the flee market and replaced it with a "daily scavenge list" so to speak. keep in line with the lore of everyday items becoming scarce and or worthless depending on the needs of a crumbling world.

Each day Player would be given a "List" of items that are in high demand for that day and would be different from their friends

These items could them be traded for a limited amount of different top tier ammo and armor. (Found in raid only) All low and mid tier gear would stay the same for rubbles. (All top tier ammo and armor would be removed from the flee market)

This could do a couple of things….

A) It makes all top tier gear feel valuable again… as currently u can store unlimited rubles but if they were only tradable from "Found in Raid" items, they would come from a very limited space of the players stash size… As an added bonus it gives value back to EOD players with those massive inventories.

B) It gives all loot the potential to be special and valuable again as a daily rotating system would keep players thinking… "maybe tomorrow this will have value"

C) It removes the "run away train" of players with millions upon millions of rubles that just remax with the meta gear…. not removing it all together but maybe those players find a day when they lack the trades for the perfect meta gear set, so they have to play a few rounds with less then meta gear.

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D) It gives reason to go to different maps and explore areas other than the high valued loot areas.

E) Allow for more dynamic on the fly loot trading among friends before leaving raid instead of it all be liquated into rubles.

In summary a loot based economy removes the "run away train" effect of having unlimited rubles to keep re-maxing with whatever gear is the current meta.

or not. I dunno, just spit ballin…


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