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Checkout My EFT Flea Market Redesign!!

Content of the article: "Checkout My EFT Flea Market Redesign!!"

Quick Teaser of Project Board

DISCLAIMER: I'm not suggesting BSG make any of these changes. This is just my dream Look & Feel, and improvements that in my opinion would solve some issues I have with the flea market.

TL;DR: I had some fun redesigning the flea market, if you're into this kinda stuff check it out, if not have a good day 😀

I'm UI/UX Designer / Developer by trade and I'd like to move into the realm of designing interfaces for video games, whether it be for fun or maybe a job rolls around and I can jump career fields, (currently work in the medical field). I've been working on this redesign for a awhile now and its a spot where I can show it and get some more Feedback/Suggestions/Kudos etc…

The video above is a quick snapshot of some of the changes. I've created a project board with much more detail and annotations and descriptions on most of the screens. Feel free to comment on which screens you like/dislike etc… It goes without saying that your comments should be constructive.

Invision APP Project Board ——> <——–

Quick list of changes:

  • New "Add Offer" tab (see board for more details)
  • Top tabs aligned
  • More space for filters
  • "Clear All Filters" button
  • Nested category navigation (see board for more details)
  • Gird view for "My Offers" Tab
  • Less Items in table for easier browsing
  • Updated dialogs for purchasing and bartering offers
  • Updated filter dialog
  • Separated adding cash and barter requirements
  • Updated dialog for adding barter requirements
  • And a lot more
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The UI/UX field is all about collaboration and understanding other users opinions, likes and dislikes. Again I've left the comments open on all the screens so feel free to drop some feedback, suggestions, kudos, snaps, w.e.

If you've read this far, Much appreciated! Check out that board and have a great day! 😀

Invision APP Project Board ——> <——–


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