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Hi. I’m new to the subreddit and to Tarkov. I’m about 2 months in and am enjoying the game even when I get destroyed I’m still just having a great time. That being said, I have an idea for a co-op style game mode and I’d love to hear some feedback on it. Now I’d call it HVT ( high value target, if you have ever played division you’d know what this is) where instead of a max player group of 5 it’s 3 and it’s offline with just two of your buds. Bosses have 100% rate to spawn with a 0% chance of dropping a red keycard. Everything found in this will not have found in raid status. I think it would cater to those newer or unskilled players who can’t acquire high end gear but also prevent it from flooding the market. Also yes I know people would farm it but then again if you have the best gear with zero pvp experience you will still get spanked regardless. I’m know I’m not the first guy to wipe a Scav boss and all his guards to just get shit on by some chad who waited for me to do all that. I understand that’s Tarkov but to some degree with how OP the AI can be I feel players should be entitled or deserving of the that loot. Also, raid rules apply so if you die you lose your shit and they could even make it like labs where you can’t insure anything to make it interesting. Or even make it inaccessible until a certain level (15-20?) and also you can only do all 4 bosses once per day even? I’d LOVE to see some co-op in this game but I really don’t know how to go about it. If you’ve read this far, thank you for you time and would love to hear some feedback because coming from siege (the sweaty “git guud” toxic community that it is) it’s just so refreshing and quite surprising to see such a community of just great people helping out one another and being so nice about it. (Also not sure if I used the correct flair so I apologize if it’s wrong, I’ve had this account for a long time but have never really used Reddit all like that so I don’t know what I’m doing really lol)

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