Escape from Tarkov

Confessions of a cheater (Not a Q&A – AMA)

To follow the guidelines, I will not be responding to any queries. This is just simply an unorthodox feedback from my perspective.


Call me a loser, piece of shit or anything you want, I don't care, I won't go into depth because why I do it, and I won't continue playing this game so don't worry, but it might not be for the reason you think.
I have been actively using ESP/Third party for 3 years on an EOD account, and I have never been questioned, suspended or banned despite having a ludicrous KD/R or survival rate.

As of 02/07/2020 – I can with a hand on my heart say that there is a hacker in near -every- game you are playing right now, or atleast 8/10 of them. I have encountered all sorts, and they are only getting more aggressive. The current state of the hacks, from what I have seen, is that for the most part the public hacks only have functioning variations of ESP/Aimbot/Nobreath/Norecoil and Infinite Stamina. Teleporting loot is something i -rarely- encounter, even on labs, and I haven't seen a single flying person for a quite good few months.

Still, the game is just about worse than ever, and the huge player influx is partially to blame for that, naturally. I would like to state this again, as it should be broadcast as you enter the game, there is a cheater in near every single game you are playing. Even if you aren't killed. I often avoided players and allowed them to finish their raid, and only killed them if they were going for high-tier areas, were being nuisances (sniping, camping, e.g) or actively challenged me, as the obvious cheaters often do, even chasing after you across half the map only to farm your xp.

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However, I myself find the game nearly unplayable now even with hacks, as silly as it sounds, due to aimbotters. The aimbot is usually unreliable if your target moves too quick, as it will often shoot slightly behind the thorax/head, especially on distances. The best bet is to fight a hacker is with flashbangs, grenades or to wallbanging them. Doing quick peeks will only get you killed most the time, but if you are compelled, use small gaps and openings to get a shot or two on the target and you will likely survive as the aimbot always aims at the dead center of either body part, not responding well to leans. I am sure other people who use software can confirm this if any doubt. If you were killed while hiding after kiting, camping or whatever it may be, chances are you just got farmed for XP by a wallhacker.

Please stop frequently denying the cheaters, some are very obvious, and some only get obvious once they meet an equally skilled or better opponent. I always test my targets before engaging them, and they often respond with communication through body movement through walls, or try to prefire you. It is near impossible to identify desync/lag with cheaters strafing and using aimbot/norecoil without any context or a full overview of the situation, so the video report format BSG currently is using is -highly- inefficient, and likely has innocent players banned even today.

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I can vouch that the RMT countermeasures have greatly punished sellers and cheaters alike. I used to sell roubles to fund my cheats, and now it is incredibly much harder to do so, and have become too tedious of a process to go through with. Well done BSG.

I would consider myself a veteran cheater, a dirty stain on the community, but I am still talking from experience and thousands of hours in the game. I don't advocate the use of cheats, and I would strongly recommend playing without as they will taint the charm of the game, making it bland, boring and a money sink, as you won't be able to quit playing without it. What I wish to gain out of this is more awareness to the issue, I would love to play the game without cheats, but I will not touch the game as of right now, knowing the current situation myself.

I cannot for the sake of my life understand why there isn't a review team monitoring people who get 25-30 kills in 3/5 raids, or match playtime/account date with stats to potentially flag some accounts for review. In the foreseeable future, avoid labs, reserve, customs dorms, woods sawmill, interchange kiba and shoreline apartments if you want clean games. It is hard to identify the hackers, some go for your loot, some go for your XP and kill you regardless, some avoid you and farm high tier then extract. I have met them all.

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