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Day 163 Supply Run – Reserve

Content of the article: "Day 163 Supply Run – Reserve"

*** Based on a real in game encounter that took place today and I feel is very rare ***

Camp supplies are getting really low and a number of our team are wounded, desperate times calls for desperate measures so off to reserve I head.

First sign was not good the normal CP Fence hole had been patched so I had head around to the hole in the wall.

It was quite as if all the major action had been over some time before. I made my way silently through to the medical buildings with no luck, the builds had been picked clean, my only hope was anything left on the dead bodies. So I began my search.

It wasn’t more than 10 minutes in as I made my way to the armoury that I heard a USEC solider screaming for medical help. He was legged bad and too far for a safe extract. I don’t take a side, I just want my people to be happy, healthy and survive. I did not have any splints on my but I dropped some meds from my personal stash. He traded me a rifle which was a step up from the worn broken VPO I had.

Although there were language issues we both knew the priority was getting this man patched up. I took point as if there were more pockets around I could at least calm them down or take them out. We made it to the northern med buildings and were able to find the needed kits.

This was the testing moment now, I had shown my intentions by not taking what could have been a much needed amount of gear via killing the wounded soldier now he was ready to roll, would I be a threat or are we working through this together.

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We began moving towards D2 and he took point which made me feel like we were good. We made our way to the exit and discovered the power was out, this made things a little more tense as we had to back track.

This was it the last leg as we made our way into the pump room, immediately the dark room lit up with a barrage of sparks and flashes, all of this effort gone in an instance by some bush wokkie praying on those heading home. Alas it wasn’t the end and the u known solider was checking sectors correctly, enemy down!

I was able take some much needed arms and was so great full to have been given a number of helmets rifles and a bag with supplies I needed, even a game for my little girl.

Not everyone is bad out there, stay safe and look after each other, we will get through this!

*** What a great in game experience, thank you to that unknown player, fantastic ***


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