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Disconnects need to be fixed/acknowleged…something.

Content of the article: "Disconnects need to be fixed/acknowleged…something."

You can search on this subreddit or on the forums and find a plethora of posts daily about random disconnects "connection to server lost" that seem to be inexplainable. No high pings. Just booted – the consistency seems to be that it happens more often early on in the match than any other time. Leaving you open for the inevitable spawn rushes and death. I understand the Ping kicks, they make sense, like in any other game that has them, its to create a consistent player experience and provides some soft-region locking. But a simple "lost connection" provides the user with no informaiton – who lost the connection? Why? Was it me? Was it the server as a whole? Its a useless prompt.

I've never in all my years gaming, from playing on shitty 90s Australian internet, ever played a game that seem so ready to boot a user. Although I have it far better than some (I only tend to get booted once every couple of days, whereas others have it near constantly) it is completely demoralising to lose your entire kit to…nothing. You didnt get 1-tapped, didnt make a mistake, get outplayed, have a good fight. You just never got a chance and all that kit (pray it wasnt your fancy high-tier shit) is gone.

Before people inevitably come in an immedaitely accuse myself, my PC, my router, my ISP – i've done it all. Numerous speed and stability checks (out of 500-2000 pings, I had 2 fails and an avg of 8-10ms, ive run these stability checks upwards of ten times and never get anymore than 5 fails, has me at 50Mbps), alongside the anacedotal evidence that literally no other online game, program or device suffer from drop outs leads me to be pretty confident that there is something particularly fucky going on with Tarkov's servers.

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I understand that this game is in beta and I certainly respect that network and server problems are incredibly complex and difficult to deal with. I just havent seen any official response that this is acknowlegded as a problem (instead in these thread you see people usually attacking the OP, one post even suggest OP bought a new SSD and Mobo…for some reason), is it just in certian regions?, what is it linked to? I'd love for this to be a me problem because then it's something I can easily fix – couple hundred for a nice new router? Easy. Contact my ISP because there is a clear instability in my network – fuck yeah I'd want to fix that anyway. But there isnt. Its just a problem that seems to never go away or have any solution on the horizon.

TLDR: Connection problems are shit and really kill the vibe when playing the game.


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