Escape from Tarkov

Does anyone else like to play zero to hero every raid?(PM +1 mag+1heal at start)

This is not a flex as I am a pretty shitty player. However, I love going into raids with nothing but a PM/TT/PPSH(rare) one extra mag if on a pistol and then one IFAK in the ass pouch. It drives my friend nuts because he tries going really hard in the paint as he goes T5 Armor, best rounds for MDR/M4/Vector and just usually chads up Reserve until he either gets head/eyes from a scav player or out chad(not that common).

With all this talk about cheats and desync, I just find my playstyle to be much more relaxed. Yeah, it urks me when I get a good few kills(Scavs, not PMCs as it's harder to get those kills with a PM/TT unless the guy has no hearing then I can sneak)and then get smacked by a camper or geared chad. But hey, the only thing I lost is my time in life and a TT.

I know my buddy complains a lot as well as how I can seem to make rubles and he is hit or miss depending on how his chad runs go. I told him it's because he invests hundreds of thousands each raid with zero guarantees on return. I invest 10000 in a TT(if I am out from FiR TTs – and I am not) and just have fun.

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Just wondering if anyone else likes to play this way. Oh and if anyone says "you're just ratting":

I crossed out the stuff that was already in my stash and circled the PM I went in with. I am still sorting out my loot after a nice run-in with raiders in Reserve at power lever for D2. Everything not crossed out or circled in blue is what I just walked out with. Again, this is not a flex. Not even that great of loot from raiders as I have some really nice M4s and MDRs in my stash that I give to my buddy for his chad runs as I dont care enough to flea market them/vendor them since I know he will use them.

Anyway, long ass post: tl:dr – Do you enjoy starting with a single gun and running raids to "geared" status or are you going in full chad?


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