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Don’t balance the game around the top 1%.

Content of the article: "Don’t balance the game around the top 1%."

tl;dr deleting the flea is 100% for streamers and only harms the casual player

The entire argument is that not everyone could run meta kits constantly without the flea market. This is completely untrue. The no-lifers will just go farm raiders all day. The top players will be running the exact same gear as right now a couple days into the wipe, and the scrubs like me won't even be allowed to buy an overpriced kit from the flea to compete. The casuals will get frustrated and quit. Then the streamers will get bored of empty lobbies and move on.

If the streamers that no-life the game 6-8 hours a day multiple days a week, completing every quest and putting in thousands of hours every single wipe are "out of content" that's their own fucking problem. They will finish ANYTHING new you make for them in a few days max (even pulling 24hr+ streams to do so) and cry that it wasn't enough. No one's forcing them to play Tarkov for 10,000+ hours, why does the entire dynamic of the game need to change because they got bored?

These are the same people who claim to love "early-wipe" yet blast through the quests as fast as humanly possible so they can dump on all the normal people running a PACA and the shit 5.45 AK they found on their scav. They love "early-wipe" because they are at so much of an advantage. These guys actually come on Reddit to cry when they dump on the budget player because they wasted more money on ammo then they got back in loot.

Read:  It's been over 2 years since I first started playing, and today I uninstalled because I don't feel like I've gotten any better at all, and I blame the inconsistency of the game.

Now the same people want to get rid of the flea market. The only equalizer for someone who doesn't play Tarkov as a full time job. Think it's hard fighting the geared dude in a slick right now? How about when you literally can't buy any ammo that can pen it? How about fighting a full squad of them, camped out in dorms so you can't do your "tutorial" quests? Can't do your tutorial quests, can't level the traders, can't buy better gear to compete.

I don't have a solution, but removing the flea market is NOT it. For every one streamer you please, thousands of actual players are going to be furious.


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