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EFT has a problem with unviability of compact weapon builds and of many attachments

Content of the article: "EFT has a problem with unviability of compact weapon builds and of many attachments"

Having played the game for a long while now I noticed a problem when it comes to the meta of building weapons in Tarkov right now. With the insane weapon customization system you'd expect to be able to experiment with plenty of different viable builds and visuals, but ultimately, right now, certain options are nothing more than a waste of money. I am particularily talking about how unviable compact weapon builds are. With guns such as the M4A1 the meta heavily favors long barrels and long handguards to minimize recoil, with QD rail or LVOA being seen all over the place. For some reason however the same bulky parts also allow you to have very high ergonomics values.

On the other hand, all the builds that utilize shorter barrels and handguards are very underwhelming, as they hardly change the weapon's behavior compared to the stock build and even some similarly priced alternatives. An M4 turned into a compact Mk18 looks cool visually, but stat wise you can build a much better weapon, probably for similar price too. Shorter sized weapon MAY help in extreme close quarters, but it is such a miniscule and situational difference that it hardly matters at all and no one actually pays attention to it when building a gun. On top of that a shorter weapon will take less space, meaning you're much more likely to lose it if you die. Plenty of cons, hardly any pros.

Compact builds aren't the only thing that is underpowered. Stocks, foregrips and others suffer from poor balance too. Angled foregrips or many stocks like the Magpul CTR or MOE look cool, but are impractical choices with so many better alternatives, often for marginally higher price. They make so little difference that you're either better off saving the money and going with stock options or buying something that will give you a noticable buff in stats. These are just singular examples, the actual number of attachments that currently have no place in the game goes in dozens, maybe hundreds.

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When you look at the Presets menu for M4A1 (not the only weapon of course, but it's the most customizable one, that's why I'm using it the example) and go through each attachment, you'll find that you never see many of them ever used. In my opinion many of the currently "meta" attachments as well the the under/never used ones are in need of rebalance.

Obviously not all gadgets were created equal and some will just be better than others and that is fine. My point is that in the current state of the game, many of the options aren't even worth taking into consideration, regardless of your budget and standing with traders. For a game that strives for realism it's not very realistic to make the types of builds that in real life are a favourite of special forces so underwhelming. Long guns having more range? Of course. Less recoil? I guess, maybe slightly. Very high ergo too? Yeah, I don't think so, chief. Tell me your thoughts about this.

And Battlestate, give your smol builds some love.

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