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EFT’s tactical systems being thwarted by movement

Content of the article: "EFT’s tactical systems being thwarted by movement"

The future of tarkov and the wip that has been happening set it up to be the most impressive tactical shooters ever, but this eventual vision is distorted by movement mechanics in need of rework. Let me explain.

Tarkov has a complex armor, med, and weapons system that gives incentive to increase armor class and decrease recoil, so that you can have a faster time to kill. These systems will only get more complicated over time. Tarkovs weapons in theory will incentivize different guns for different purposes, the higher pen and damage guns (ie. dmrs battle-rifles) will perform better at range, and at medium to close distances assault riffles and smgs will be the meta. This is a standard gameplay dynamic for most FPS games, and tarkov just adds more nuance to this basic formula. The issue is that in the current movement meta makes some guns useless while others become far too overpowered past what was intended.

Hypothetically tarkovs weapons, ammo, and armor create a well rounded system like other games, or even better because of the in depth modification system. The thing that sets these combat systems apart from other tactical shooters is the games movement mechanics. Tarkov has a movement system so unlike the rest of its realistic features, that it actually negates its otherwise effective meta balance. Games that succeed at correcting this balance should be looked at to fix these issues in tarkov such as Squad, Ground branch, and any other number of tactical shooters that have succeeded in achieving the desirable pacing.

My theory is that a few key mechanics hold tarkov back from being the realistic shooter that the BSG team want it to be, and what in my opinion the game deserves to be. In this next part i will break down all these busted mechanics and potential fixes that i suggest.

1) B-Hopping: The most game breaking of all the movement bugs, bhopping can be used effectively to destroy gameplay mechanics that in other games, such as Ground Branch or Squad, are represented very well. When someone can bhop like in tarkov it opens up a Pandora's box of game breaking problems, so ill go through each one by one. Bhoping firstly makes it harder to engage targets at range, as now you have to lead your shots and account for faster, more erratic, and vertically moving target area. Obviously, this means that it allows you to avoid a huge amount of risk when being engaged at distance if you hear a first shot and bhop away. Secondly, b hopping allows you to move past doorways so fast that you can effectively gather information instantly at no cost as your target area is not visible within the average-human reaction times of your enemy. Why take things carefully when if you just bhop across a doorway and see if there are enemies, what is their exact location, and then easily set up a headshot with a strafe peak. This also plays into peakers advantage because your mid air travel gives you more time to look side to side than the enemy that sees you cross. This problem is made worse by the next one: strafing.

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2) Adad strafing: Bhopping already does quite a lot to destroy immersion, but what about ADAD strafing? Well in my opinion its a compounded problem that is also helped by the bhopping exploit, and ill run through it pretty quickly here. The simple explanation of this dilemma, is that much like bhopping bug tarkov's lack of inertia allows for incredibly fast and precise side to side movement. The problems here seem to be simpler but have huge implications that come with it such fast peaks (that im sure you've seen) that have huge impact on gameplay. First and foremost adad strafing allows you to gather intelligence at little to no risk, as no person can really react on the first quick peak. Added onto this low risk peaking is the fact that moving side to side in game provides no accuracy penalty at all. This means i can not only peak faster than you can react, but now on my second incredibly fast peak with a low recoil gun i can prefire perfectly and hit your head in what seems instantaneous. This drastically increases the skill bar required for cqc pvp, but the horror show does not end here. At longer ranges peoples adad strafing make it literally impossible to hit head shots making it infinitesimally harder to use dmrs and bolt actions (especially because bolt actions cant one tap). As someone who personally snipes a lot in tarkov even with the best sniper rifles in most cases are defeated by a persons own coded-in muscle memory of strafing left and right.

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So now that we have identified the two most egregious problems that face tarkov today, we can go over how to fix them. For bhopping i believe that the team should be working on patching it out even if the first early roll out failed. Dont be discouraged, you more than any of us know the vision of the game does not include this mechanic. For the ADAD problem we need an inertia system pronto like in squad. This problem already exacerbates gripes about low recoil guns, and even though it seems unimportant with the streets release soon i truly believe it should be priority #1 on the list of mechanics that need changing.

These effects should have so much more impact in what other small tweaks have tried to implement, but in one fell swoop. It will slowdown gameplay to emphasize tactical movement, it will decrease the amount of people who play the experience like an arcade shooter and make the game overall more enjoyable for its intended market and new players. Past this it will also sooth the posts complaining about single fire weapons being useless because it will become easier to hit individual shots targets becoming more predictable. This tactical shooter must first be tactical more than shooter, and thats a hill i and many others can and will die on.

If anyone from the team does see this, it would mean so much if you just made a short statement that you are/will work on this in the future, it goes a long way to assuring many peoples apprehensions with the games destination.

tldr: tarkovs bhopping and lack of inertia will hold the game back from being the realistic shooter its intended to be, and should be on the BSG dev teams high priority list to keep true to the games vision.


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