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Escape from Tarkov is NOT a hardcore game.

Content of the article: "Escape from Tarkov is NOT a hardcore game."

Summarize first.

  1. If they were not satisfied with some users' control of the flea market price, they should have limited the entry limit to one for each item. Not FIR only.

  2. The end of the harsh game for new users is clear.

  3. This game does not respect users.

Escape from tarkov is not a hardcore game but an annoying game.This is a game, and the goal it seeks is fun. Hardcore is just one of the factors for fun, and when it's hardcore for hardcore, it's just an annoying game. The game advocates realism, but in fact, there are many areas that are too realistic in unnecessary areas and not realistic in necessary areas.

Weight patch reduced the user's experience of achievement. It has become difficult to get the pleasure of killing many enemies and taking a lot of equipment or escaping with a military battery. Of course, it is hard to move with more than 50kg weight. As a solution to this problem, BSG encouraged team play and even told someone to play porter. But EFT is not a good game for team play. I understand that the IFF UI doesn't appear like other 'casual' shooting games, but that doesn't mean that IFF equipment is in place. (Military uniforms are often like enemy PMCs, bands are mounted only on the right arm and may be the same color as the enemy, no IR strobe for night operations, and the incomplete sound system makes it difficult to distinguish them from enemy footsteps.) Also it is a difficult to party with a proper ally. Most people invite users of the lobby to join the raid and are killed by allies and deprived of their equipment. It doesn't even support VOIP. Distribution of loot is also not convenient at all. Does that mean that if someone is a porter, they should distribute loots? Even the distribution of all loots must be done within that raid due to FIR patch. It's very uncomfortable and impossible to actually do. All of this is not for hardcore or realism, but just annoying users.

From last wipe, users can not be able to sell equipment that they brought to the flea market after killing the enemy. BSG obsesses too much with FIR. What is the difference between an item that is not a FIR item? Killa's armor, which has been shot to tatters, can be sold, and Slick from PMC died by head shots, which is like a new product, cannot be sold. Is this realism? Surviving in the raid has greatly profits, so it has accelerated the mass production of exit campers and cheaters. Because the risk of going around picking up loots has increased too much, more users have been camping near the exit and waiting for someone to come. Also if user died, items in containers will not be registered to the flea market, so the supply of flea markets has decreased and the price has risen. All the benefits of this rise in market prices will be monopolized by exit campers and cheaters. If they were not satisfied with some users' control of the flea market price, they should have limited the entry limit to one for each item. If so, users will not be able to resell the items purchased at the flea market, and users will only purchase them for the purpose of use. If the equipment of the enemy PMC is acquired, the entry limit is increased to 1. This makes it impossible to manipulate a market prices without entering the raid. Even fees have increased due to recent patches, The market prices also rise. BSG says it has made these patches because the market price is thought to be too high for the value of the goods, but the value of the goods is set by the market price. That is the market economy. If the market price of a particular item was thought to be too high, the supply had to be increased by increasing the drop rate, not thinking about controlling the price.

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Ping Limits is also a problem. It's hard to understand when ping rise suddenly in the middle of the game causing the connection lost, which game that lost everything when it died. Do you think the number of cheaters decreases when Ping Limits are patched? The number of cheaters does not change. Only users in the same area as Cheater suffer. It is also difficult to access overseas servers, even though it has purchased a package that can access all regions. Playing with friends living abroad is almost impossible. The Ping limit patch only avoids the blame visible to developers. Since most users of Reddit live far away from China, there are only a few complaints about the Cheater in Reddit, but in reality there are a lot of Cheaters. This trend stands out in Asia, where not only are their servers in poor condition, but also because there are so many Chinese cheaters, which is discrimination against Asian users. Don't say that users with high pings have an advantage. If a high ping has an advantage, why not go to a high ping server? In FPS games, the high ping is absolutely at a disadvantage. If you're dead by a high ping user, it's a matter of your skill. Want to talk about Pickers Adventage? The Pickers advantage that low ping users have for high ping users is much greater than that of high ping users for low ping users. BSG chose to lock them up with Ping limit rather than block them because they continue to buy games. Even though users suffer, Cheaters continue to purchase games, so Ping limit is a passive response. This can be inferred from Nikita's said on the podcast that cheaters waste money on continuing to buy games.

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The quest is also strange. Early quests are overly concentrated in the custom. Many of them are concentrated in Dorm. Custom is more likely to engage other PMCs because exits are connected to a narrow path compared to other maps. Among them, the dorm is the place where the fiercest fighting takes place in EFT. It is absurd to have early quests here. On the other hand, no quest has to be performed on the reserve. Most of the Shoreline's quests are concentrated in the health resorts. There are very few quests that need to be carried out at gas stations or at docks. Why do these areas exist? The conditions of the quest are also strange. Why do they receive FIR items separately from non-FIR items? Are non-FIR items cursed? Is there any difference between the items I picked up myself and the items I bought from other users? This is where reality is needed. This has a great influence on the early quest process. Skier needs two secure drives, but the drive's drop probability is very low. After that, user needed to kill seven USECs. so finally gain access to Peacekeeper Quest. The quests I mentioned occupy the early bottleneck, hindering the growth of users. It would have been understandable if those quests were later in the game.

It is also hard to understand that the use of flea markets is limited to level 10. To make it difficult for cheaters to sell items, they can sell at level 10 and purchase from level 1. The section up to level 10 of this game is very hard work. Many newbies can't get through this section and give up. The end of the harsh game for new users is clear. Of course, cheaters can easily raise to level 10 by slaughtering enemies on the map.

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There are also many bugs. Simple bugs are not hotfixes and are left unattended for days. Bugs that come from selling goods to dealers, or from weapons presets, that are missing weapons information windows. And too many things are often patched in silence. The same is true of Therapist Quest, which has been heavily criticized this time. This game does not respect users. I played EFT for more than 1000 hours. I love this game. But I think the recent actions of BSG are just focusing on making it difficult for users. They are making excuses for all this behavior as beta. Don't forget that you paid $45 to $140++. Beta doesn't justify everything, as long as the user paid for service. Again, hardcore is for the fun of the game. It should not be a hardcore game for hardcore.


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