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Feels good to be a gangsta

Content of the article: "Feels good to be a gangsta"

So, I go the game a few days ago, cried myself to sleep, bitched here about life being unfair.

Got a few lucky kills, but I'm getting wrecked pretty much all the time, even when the other guy stumbles on me and I initiate the fight, spraying all over the place. As a result, I lived a lowly life of a woodland rodent, picking up whatever I can find on my way to the extract.

I got into a group with some high level guys that helped me out with a few quests and let me get good gear, some of which I've hesitantly used, but it just doesn't feel right. I'm just gonna lose it, and it's not like I've even earned it.

This evening was another wreck fest, but I decide to do a pistol run on customs for one last game of night.

A minute in, I see a guy running down the hill for that checkpoint loot. He has a helmet, armor, rifle, so naturally my first reaction was to GTFO before he sees me, but an unexpected thought pops up into my head, and everything is suddenly clear. Imma go shoot this dude and take all of his shit.

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So, I go after him, trying to be stealthy and get him while he's looting. It fails miserably, he sees me, I get shot, he doesn't. I'm behind a truck with like four bullets in my TT. He smells the blood and pushes, I calmly wait for him and bam, I shoot him right in the fucking face.

Level 4 armor, helmet, pimped out ADAR, backpack, rig, I take it all. Suddenly, I could give a shit about getting killed. I heal up with his own meds, and instead of extracting like I usually do, I go off exploring the map. I hear a big firefight, sprint to join in, but by the time I get there it's over. Oh well, there's even better stuff left on the corpses. There's not much time left and I go extract.

Best. Raid. Ever.

I made a play, I killed a reasonably kitted higher level dude with a fucking TT. I think I know what this game is about now. Can't wait to go out again tomorrow.

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