Escape from Tarkov

First PMC kill, got me to level 5, the euphoria!!

I've been playing EFT for about a week now. I've honestly been sleeping on the purchase for about a year but finally took the plunge after catching FairTX's "The Guide" video in my YT recommendations. I took my PMC out this morning to Customs which I've been playing on as much as I can. My PMC is level 5 and I actually ALMOST got a kill a few days ago at the intersection of the Scav CP road and the Military Base CP. Where the Scav sniper is, we were both circling the wall parameter and ended up gunning each other down. I don't consider that a fair first kill because for 1. He just finished a fight as my measly 40 something dmg took him down. 2. He ended up taking me down at the same time even when he was on death's door. 3. I did not get the dog tags.

Today, I spawned into Customs as my PMC behind the Old Gas Station. My loadout = SSh-68 helmet, 6B13 armor, GSSh-01 headset, and an AK74U loaded with 31 BT ammo and dreams of making it to the dorms to complete the Prapor Checking task. I went out towards the train tracks and looted the dead body stash closest to the gas station's wall. Then I walked towards some gunfire I heard from where I believe was warehouse 4. I made my way towards the warehouse, not realizing that there was no way for me to get into that area (shipping containers blocked the path). If you're familiar with that part of the map, you know that there's an elevation dip in the hill near those containers blocking the track's path next to an impassible fence. Well I stopped for a second to think of a quick way around to get into the area but immediately heard stomping coming up from over the hill and skirted to a stop. I quickly realized that there was no way it was a Scav considering my location and started ADS. Someone popped right above me around where the tracks split and started firing a Saiga-9 with PSO gzh rounds. Surprisingly, I was able to kill him and I immediately ran and dropped prone to loot his body (terrible habit, I'm trying to do better) only when I saw his dog tag, I immediately screamed at the top of my lungs that my actual dog got spooked and ran over to me. Threw his tags into my gamma, took his gun, and his rig as well. Both of my arms were blacked out and my body was bleeding as well. My goal was to make it to the crossroads since it was really one of the few PMC extracts I knew how to get to by heart. Funny enough, I made it past warehouse 17 and managed to kill 3 of the Scavs near the RUAF Roadblock before I nearly accepted my death by bloodloss. I didn't want anyone to see my body out in the open and take my insured gear so I proned in the grass near the warehouse 17 opening and saw that his rig was showing as unsearched in my inventory. The holy father blessed me because this man gifted me multiple full mags for the Saiga-9 but actual usable meds!!! CMS, Bandages, and a splint even! I used as much as I could right then, praying I wasn't too late, and praying that no one would hear or see me in the brush. Once my health got back up to around the 200s, I got up and started walking towards the north bridge section to cross the river over to the trainyard. Only after hugging the wall did I realize that the RUAF Roadblock was one of my extracts! I crouched down, panicked for about 6 seconds until the game loaded me out, and then I screeched like a banshee and jumped out of my chair. No joke, this was one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, and will probably ever remember. This is the reason I ended up buying Tarkov, for this kind of feeling, there's really nothing like it. I only wish I had been recording my gameplay at the time or streaming to really relive that moment, but man, that was amazing and I'm excited to continue playing, learning, and even trying some of the other maps outside of Customs as well!

Whoever you were, I hope you know that your death in this game has made my day, and your dog tags will stay in my stash forever right next to my Roubles, stay fruity friend, and good luck to you!


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