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Flea Market Idea… What do you think?

Content of the article: "Flea Market Idea… What do you think?"

They should just make the flea market like RuneScape; the Grand Exchange is the best player-driven market system I've used in any game.

Every item in the game has it's own entry, and its commonly traded price is updated daily based on recent transactions. That way the flea market fees could be a flat 2-3% of the commonly traded price and you wouldn't have to pay hundreds of thousands in fees for something worth only 3mil. The benefit to this would it would be easy for players to tell what prices of items should be, and people wouldn't be wasting time and money offering like a circuit board for 80k when it's really only worth 10k. The traders buy price could scale with flea market prices to make selling to traders viable still, just like you could sell items to a general store in RuneScape. It would also make things much faster to list from the inventory, just right click-sell, it'll show the commonly traded price, there's a button to offer for +5% to try to make a few extra roubles off it if you're willing to wait a little longer or a button to offer it for -5% if you want the cash quick.

Another benefit might be that players could put in buy offers, so if someone's trying to buy an item that might be out of stock they could put an offer in and it'll automatically buy that item when somebody puts it up for that price. This would make merching still viable because supply and demand would eventually equal itself out depending on the player base and peak times, etc. Obviously custom weapons and armor with durability would have to have their own section along with maybe a barter section where people could trade with other players but it would clean up 80-90% of the flea market since most transactions are barter items or weapon parts traded in roubles.

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If it was done like this then you could hide all the buy and sell offers and have all that be done under the table so we wouldn't have to deal with people competing with others to see who could click refresh and click purchase the fastest as well.


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