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For those who still think scav runs are worthless

Content of the article: "For those who still think scav runs are worthless"

To be honest, this has been my first wipe and I've been playing for 1 month or so, I'm level 35, but because I've tried to rush the quests to unlock the sellers. I have a 40% (average I suppose) survival rate but not because I'm the ultimate chad, in fact I've doubled my pmc kills this last week because I've tried to start not avoiding combat so often. So as you can see I'm not a very experienced player, I think that I have good aim and movement, but often this is useless when playing with my pmc as most of the time I end up dead before I shoot back, but when I play with my scav, all that fear I have disappears and I feel much more relaxed to engage in combat.

In short, I have had the best scav run since I started playing. Whenever I play as a scav in customs I always run fast to dorms, to see if I can find the remains of other players who have fought there, but I had never seen anything like that in my life. In the two story dorms I found a massacre, seriously I had never seen anything like that, the second floor corridor was literally full of pmcs bodies, I counted 10, but one was missing, a chad with level 5 armour and altyn who I outplayed with my shitty AKM with 7.62×39 mm PS ammo. I guess he was nervous because there was a lot of loot and I caught him by surprise, only that explains how he could lose to me, I was going without a helmet or any kind of armor, it is possible that he was a little injured but I shot him a lot of bullets and he even had time to heal for a few minutes when I repositioned and flanked him from the main entrance stairs.

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After that, I started to take as much as I could and I still missed a lot, as I had no other way to take the dog tags (no sicc case no party and I really wanted them for the lols) and other scavs players were starting to come to claim their share so I left as fast as I could, with 8 minutes left. The truth is that I feel bad for the pmc that survived that little world war, I didn't deserve to take all that loot cause I had nothing to lose but I guess that's what this game is about, tarkov gives, tarkov takes xd.

I know that the tetris wasn't optimal, but as i said i had no choice cause i wanted the dog-tags and I also was a bit anxious about dying by some rat attack while looting xd (It happens to me way often).

I hope that this loot serves as an encouragement for those who are starting to play now and feel disappointed by losing a lot of money, don't worry, everything ends up coming!


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