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For those who think inertia will ruin the game – it won’t. It desperately needs it.

Content of the article: "For those who think inertia will ruin the game – it won’t. It desperately needs it."

In Tarkov, movement input changes the player's velocity IMMEDIETLY. It is clear that Tarkov needs a movement inertia system as shown by it's A-D spam and free corner peaking. This has been voiced throughout the community in many places and for a while now, but there are still people out there who think that iNeRtIA wIlL rUiN tHe gAmE. It won't. It will make it better, and the game desperately needs it.

It's not an argument about realism, but it's a basic movement mechanic that is a standard staple and necessity in shooters and FPS games to combat A-D spam and shitty movement that leads to ultra aids gunfights with players strafing left and right dodging bullets, getting free peaks around corners, and dodging sniper shots. Pretty much every FPS game has movement inertia in some way shape or form. It has been a part of even the most popular and fast-paced FPS games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, PUBG, and more. These games are nothing like EFT but that makes the argument for adding inertia to Tarkov even stronger… that even a game like CALL OF DUTY has movement inertia, yet an immersive and hardcore game like Tarkov doesn't? The player movement in the game is not only aids, but it also completely kills the immersion and ruins PvP gunfights entirely.

Now for those who think it will ruin the game – that argument is so completely false. If you think it will ruin Tarkov, how come it didn't ruin other games that were or are played by millions of players? The whole argument of "if you want realism go enlist in the army" is not only fucking stupid, but clearly shows how much people are completely overviewing the issue at hand, what people want to change, and simply can't fire up the 2 neurons in their brain required to think.

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Here is a video that show's player movement inertia in it's simplest form and is literally all we want and need in this game currently. Again, this is a SIMPLE form of player inertia and is present in an arcadey shooter — what Tarkov is NOT supposed to be yet some people seem to want, for some reason? Even an arcadey shooter has movement inertia, which Tarkov lacks.

This is it. This is all we are asking for in it's simplest form. Just some simple player movement inertia AT THE VERY LEAST. In the video, all there is is a slight delay from changing movement directions. A slight inertia to changing movement directions. People who oppose adding inertia complain that it will create "shitty movement", "sluggish movement", "clunky movement"… but as you can see in the video, it's not clunky at all. This is all Tarkov needs right now at the very least.


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