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From a Naked, Thank You Juicy Friend

Content of the article: "From a Naked, Thank You Juicy Friend"

To the fully geared PMC in my last reserve raid, you have my deepest gratitude. I had managed to run through all my money and good gear so to farm up some cash I started hatchet running reserve and ratting my absolute heart out. I had spawn across the map from the black and white pawn buildings so my run was deemed not profitable from the start. Upon being filled with sadness I ran to the train station where I found you. Weaponless, without even a knife, I stood before you in your glory and lowered my head, ready to be shot without wasting any of your ammo. But you did the unthinkable. You wiggled at me, you actually said hello. You spared my worthless life and in return I gave you all I owned, 2 tubes and a Hot Rod. My internet then went out and I was forced to reconnect to the raid expecting that you had killed me and taken my dogtag. When the blood on my monitor cleared I came to see that you had dropped a Saiga-9 and extra mag at my feet. Slowly I looked down and picked it up to turn and see you down the platform once again wiggling! The gun had come from a scav who picked up my tagged and cursed scent. You had defended my lifeless body while I was loading back in from countless enemy rounds and had even gifted my a weapon to defend myself. This was the second time you saved my life. You covering the west entrance and me covering the east entrance, I held my post even signalling to you that there was someone walking outside. While alternating angles I heard gunfire outside to the west, I thought nothing of it until I turned around and realized that you had vanished. The second set of silenced shots I heard was from you gun once again defending the train station. That was the last I heard or saw of you as the rest of the raid was silent. Like a lost dog waiting for its master I sat in the station, silent and vigilant, awaiting your return. You never did. The train came and I was able to climb aboard and extract, and it was all thanks to you.

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So from the bottom of my heart, Thank You my Juicy Friend.


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