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I’m the last of my squad still in Tarkov and I think I finally escaped. My friends have all stopped and I think I’m out as well.

It’s not because of cheating, although I run into them occasionally. It’s not because of server issues even though I load late frequently. It’s not because of pointless quests or desync or the shrinking player base. It’s not because of the countless bugs, terrible UX design, and unusually weird high incidence of head shots this patch… it’s not the memory leaks or graphics being strangely slow. It is a beta…

My squad has escaped a few weeks ago and I’m leaving now because the mechanic that made the game great and unlike anything We played before has been shattered. There is no incentive or reward to PvP. The economic incentive and incredible great fun of taking other peoples gear is not nearly as rewarding when their gear is worth pennies to vendors. I don’t want to use some other players meta gun.

I can cheese raiders and farm them but that’s not actually what made this game a good time. Tarkov didn’t make Lvndmark an incredibly popular streamer because he killed raiders or because he was good at Tetris. He became popular because he could wipe squads and ruled at PvP. That satisfaction of destroying thermal chunky boys just feels a bit more meaningless when I don’t get much money out of it. My squad and I are all moderately wealthy in the game so it’s not that we need the money. It’s more about motivation and play mechanics that kept us coming back deep into a wipe. It was about killing juicy squads and watching your deep bank roll rise to even new heights.

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My squad and I were not rats nor were we giga chads every raid. We were the middle class geared players running decent gear and good ammo. We didn’t play this game because looting a building was fun, it was just a means to an end. When players like us are leaving, I wonder who will be left? Just exfil campers?

Anyway, maybe the player base will start coming back with new maps or new content but the thing that made everything else wrong with the game tolerable is just not there anymore. Like my squad I’ve lost the primary motivator to keep coming back to raids and hoping I don’t get head eyes again. Looting a 4 level filing cabinet is just not good enough reason to keep playing a quirky buggy game. It’s tedious, not fun and exciting.


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