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Have the background color of ammo correspond to the ammos’ intended purpose / properties.

Content of the article: "Have the background color of ammo correspond to the ammos’ intended purpose / properties."

One thing that has always bugged me about the ammo in Escape from Tarkov is that almost all ammunition background colors are yellow, with the very specific exception of 9x19mm RIP, and Luger CCI. More and more recently I've been questioning to myself "why", because there seems to be no purpose to these exceptions, and they follow no correlation to any other ammo in the game. The only thing these 2 rounds have in common are that they are both essentially hollow points, and they both seemingly get a blue background because of it? Its always been strange to me, so recently I decided to expand upon the concept for what the ammo backgrounds would look like with corresponding colors to their intended purpose / properties.
Using a moddable, single-player version of the game called "EmuTarkov" I'm able to demonstrate just that. better yet, 100% in game. (This is not what I'm here to discuss obviously, so keep the comments related to the ammo, and not EmuTarkov please. 🙂 ).Alright, enough rambling about it. let me show you what I came up with!

Heres what a bunch of common calibers in the game look like with this change.

As you can see, the ammunition is all color coded based on what they do, keep in mind this isn't official so changes can be made where it see fit. The current example is labeled as follows:

  • Blue – Hollow-points / High flesh-damage rounds.
  • Orange – Sport, Hunting, and low-penetration law enforcement rounds.
  • Green – Standard ball ammunition / FMJ rounds.
  • Red – Tracer rounds.
  • Yellow – Sub-sonic rounds. (with the exception of calibers that are only sub-sonic. I.E. 9×39, 12.7×55)
  • Black – Armor-piercing rounds.
  • Violet – Armor-piercing tracer rounds.
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Shotgun shells were labeled differently, this was done to make more sense because the other key does not take buckshot and slugs into account. The shotgun rounds are labeled as follows:

  • Blue – High flesh damage slugs. (RIP)
  • Green – Standard buckshot.
  • Red – Standard slugs.
  • Yellow – Armor-piercing buckshot. (Flechette)
  • Black – Armor-piercing slugs. (AP-20)
  • Violet – Tracer slugs (.50 BMG Shell)

And here are 2 examples of what the addition looks like inside trader menus.Prapor


Now onto why I think BattleState Games should add this feature into the game:

  1. Personally, I think it looks great. from the trader menus, to inside ammo boxes. Theres just something satisfying about all the ammo being organized in such a way.
  2. I don't think it would be that hard to implement. It took me less than 2 hours to change all cartridges in the game to their respective background color, with 0 bugs or hitches. the only thing that would need to be added is a key/table to understand each background color.
  3. It would help new players find out what each ammo does without needing to resort to the wiki as much. The wiki will still be needed for knowing the specific penetration and damage of each round… But it will allow new players to find an ammo they are looking for more efficiently. for example: if a player that doesn't know the ammo very well wants to snipe with tracers, they know to choose Red for normal tracers, and Violet for AP tracers. Overall, I believe it will help new players learn what each ammo does, and what ammos to use and what ammos to stay away from.
  4. This would speed up the process of finding the specific round you want from a trader. Self explanatory. After using the new colored ammo backgrounds in game for a few days, I found it a LOT easier to find the ammo I am looking for from each trader. Especially for rounds that look very similar, without needing to put my cursor over it to see the name. (like M80, M62, and M61 from PK, and Prapor's variety of 5.45 and 7.62x54r rounds)
  5. It makes sense for a game that is a "RPG with MMO features". Nearly all MMORPG games color code different items based on what they do, what they are for, rarity, etc. In fact, Tarkov already has this implemented for basically every item. This would just expand this idea further, and would overall be an excellent quality of life change with no real downside.
  6. Lastly, this is *kind of* a thing that exists in real life… But instead of "backgrounds", it is done with color coded tips for the bullets. For the colors I chose for each bullet, I loosely followed this image. keep in mind, different calibers across different countries use different color schemes to label each bullet. so there isn't a definitive color scheme that is deemed "correct".
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Thanks for reading to the end of the post!

Feel free to leave a comment on any feedback you have for this idea, and how I can improve it 🙂


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