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How to lose your SECURED case.

Content of the article: "How to lose your SECURED case."

So, yesterday was the day of all days.

After playing this game for two years now, and about 4 k hours online, I finally met the gamebreaking and absolutley mindblowing bug. The support rejected to help me, so I decided to share my unique(maybe not?) experience to Reddit community.

The plot is simple: me and my mate was playing usual raid on Israel server(i'm from Ukraine, sorry for my poor English). Raid was going well, except on 33-34 minute server started showing major packet loss, about 50-95%. We already engaged and dropped one enemy in dorms two, and i heard another PMC's and gunshots on building next to us (dorms 3). We decided to chill, untill packet loss will pass(we got quest in dorms 3, and wanted to complete it). But packet loss didn't pass. On red time we both got "lost connection to server" errors. It's rare situation, despite that the common ping on Israel server is about 120-130 ms. But not unexpected(we predicted such server behaivor, because we've been in such situation before in one of ours scav runs), so we thought that we'll just recconect and go extract. But server didn't let us in. After 15 minutes attemting to reconnect my friend got "game completed or aborted" error, and returned to stash dead with zero hp(as he was killed by tk). But game was not so kind to me, and still was proposing me to reconnect or become a deserter. I didn't want to abandon raid as deserter, and decided to push reconnect button untill game kills my PMC, as it did to my friend. I was recording all this(as i always do), and in one moment after 20-25 minutes i decided to Alt+F4. Recording was stopped on this point, but adventure didn't. I wrote a bug report with my explanation of situation, submitted video on youtube and then launched game. It was about 30-45 minutes after timer on that raid stopped, but game was still telling me that my PMC is in that raid. I did not want to abandon(i'm pretty much care about my stats), and tried to reconnect. After 4-5 attempts i got "game completed or aborted" error, and sent to main menu. I didn't go to stash, cause i was expecting dead PMC, as my friend got. So I went straight to hideout to do routine. And in hideout i noticed that nightvision is on, as like my character wearing night goggles. I went to stash and was surprised: my PMC somehow extracted. I didn't lose anything, and all my inraid loot was in my backpack, and got "found in raid" marks. But suddenly i saw that my secuerd container slot is empty. Gamma just disappeared with all stuff(keys, meds, ammo etc). I could not find it in my stash, and it didn't returned after i try to go to another raid.

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I wrote about it to support, but got answer like "It's beta, mate. Our goal is to figure out how you lose your stuff on bugs, not recover it to you. We don't recover ingame items."

I'm not looking for help or "justice", and absoulutley love this game. Just wanted to share my experiece with this community. Situations like this making me sad and frustrated. I spent about 200 hours in this wipe already, got some shit, upgraded hideout – and support proposed me to wipe account, if i want to get my gamma back. Of course i got absolutley mad and even more frustrated.

So if you will have situation like this: lost connection to server, and sure that timer is out – better abandon raid, or you get chance to lose your secured container, like I did.

Best regards, EF_Talestra.

p.s. Link to video if you want(it's in russian).


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