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I am a (Ex) EFT Sherpa who was banned in the last wave of RMT bans.

Content of the article: "I am a (Ex) EFT Sherpa who was banned in the last wave of RMT bans."

As the title says, I am an ex EFT Sherpa who was banned in today's last wave of suspected RMT bans. For context, I have around 4 wipes of experience and have helped countless new players with the game. However, the past changes this wipe combined with the IRL situation at the moment have made it very difficult for me to get involved with the game as I had previously. Therefore, I decided yesterday that it perhaps is best if I sit this wipe out and see how the changes affect the game.

Now I by no means had a large stash value, around 7 mil or so, but I didn't want the progress I had made to just fizzle away. So I decided to donate some of my stash to some friends who were still keen on playing. After a bit of trial and error, I found a way to cost effectively transfer my stash value within the mechanical limitations of the game (i.e. the limit to how many bitcoins, keys and so on you can have in a S I C C case). My friends of course, were very happy, and we enjoyed the last few runs together and I logged off for the last time this wipe.

Today, 20 minutes before the official EFT announcement was made, I received an email stating I was permanently banned. It seems that I am not the only one who claims they were falsely banned, one of the others includes the popular EFT twitch streamer Anton (who was quickly unbanned). I am not here to cry, I am not here to plead for my account back, instead I'm here to bear witness to an unhealthy obsession with RMT that is actively hurting this community and it's legitimate players.

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It most certainly seems that whatever algorithm is used to detect RMT is certainly flawed. Today's EFT post on the ban stated: "We know what they do and how they do it. If you use RMT services – you will be banned too" – So off that, if I happen to also figure out how to give my friends some of my loot, then it automatically assumes I'm a RMT? What's next, if I bring gear for my friend then I must be profiting from it IRL?… It seems a tad excessive to me!

This news was very sad to me, because as I said, I have tried my hardest to support and care for the game's development and community. I have shared amazing moments and met fantastic players who have turned into friends. I have appealed in the normal channels, and if in any way I have violated the Terms of Service, then I deserve this ban. But I had to post this knowing full well that this unhealthy obsession with RMT is actively hurting the legitimate playerbase…

EDIT: Lots of comments regarding players who are concerned about being banned for bringing in the odd valuable item – I wouldn't be concerned. I was actively trying to liquidate my stash and give my friends my stash value before I quit and found an efficient way to do so that worked and was still permissible / allowed by the game… Evidently this is what caused the automated system to flag me as a possible RMT trader – which is a bit silly. If they didn't want players doing this, then why not apply a mechanical limitation as opposed to banning any player who happens to do it?

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