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I designed and printed my own TARKOV ART BOOK – PDF PRINT READY inside.

Content of the article: "I designed and printed my own TARKOV ART BOOK – PDF PRINT READY inside."

Hello guys,

I hope you’re all doing well!

I finally got some time to write down this post so here we go.

A couple of weeks back, I decided to design my own EFT Art book. I always wanted to own such items (I’m collecting a bunch from different games) and would periodically check BSG merch website but nothing like that ever showed up. So I decided to design my own.

I launched In-Design and made the whole thing with artworks from Contract Wars, Russia 2028 and EFT. I’ve also compiled a ton of Lore articles and materials, all coming from BSG Community Managers on the forum.

I’m linking two versions. The print ready version and the web reading version.

If you go for the print, I personally used Pixart printing. Between the order and the actual delivery there will be about two weeks. Regardless, whoever you decide to go with, MAKE SURE you liaise with a representative there to check that the file is correct. (Some printing companies might have different requirements). They can quickly mess up the spreads and crops, so do reach out to them and have somebody manually check the file you uploaded. I cannot stress this enough.

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My recommendations: Now that I have the product in front of me. I’d take a hard cover instead and thicker paper (this is 130g gloss paper).

Finally, I’m not a graphic designer by any means so the document will have flaws and I’m sorry for that. Also, I haven’t re-written anything from the CM who uploaded the lore materials, I'm not a native english speaker so expect some typos.

If you want to check what the finish product printed look like and how I did on InDesign:

And some pictures!


Obviously, everything is BSG copyrighted so if I have to take it down, just say the word.

I hope you’ll enjoy my work!

Links :

Web version:

Print ready version:


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