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I finally had a raid go “right”

Content of the article: "I finally had a raid go “right”"

Relatively new player, played a few wipes ago but didn't make it very far (I think just level 10). Picked it back up during a quarantine these past two weeks, and oh god I'm addicted. However, I largely suck at this game – my aim is akin to a half blind weasel with brain damage.

Despite that, after a hard evening of getting one tapped about ten raids in a row, I had one go right. From a scav run I got a lucky drop on a pmc and picked up a basic M4 w/ holo, and level 4 armor/helmet. Used that on my next PMC run on customs. Spawned smokestack, walked to repair shop hoping to get an ambush in – the dude there had left. I started looting the upstairs for the sweet computers. Heard steps out in the building, poked my head out the door to try and get a sneaky one tap. Completely whiffed my shots. Then two more dudes ran in behind that one.

Tail between my legs, butt clenched harder than ever, ran back into the upstairs area. Proned out in the side little mechanic shop thing. Figured I was definitely going to die, but they would have to come get me. The three PMCs corcled the building, kept hucking in grenades through windows (didn't know they could even do that). Scared the hell out of me each time. Finally I hear them on the staircase, the door opens, and the first comes sprinting in. Aimed chest and sprayed, it his his head and he went down. Second came in, same thing. Third ran in, my spray missed and his tore up my arms/leg. Quick reload, then my last burst hit him in the head.

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Healed up, didn't have a surg kit because I'm an idiot. Had two blacked out arms (don't say it) and a blacked out leg. Healed, looted, tried to stop sweating and my heart racing. Picked up a vector, AK, and another smg. Finally went to leave, promptly got shot in the chest – sprayed back downstairs, killed two scavs that I'm pretty sure were players. Healed, looted, one had the last gas analyzer I needed. I saw my energy was low, ate some of the mayo I looted. Stupid, now my hydration was at like 5.

From there, had to hobble my broken legged ass from repairs shop up past dorms, all the way to smugglers boat. Took forever, ran out of painkillers halfway there. Freaking out the whole time expecting a shot. Listened to my dude wheeze and gasp from pain and dehydration. Made it, saw the fire, god that felt good.

Unfortunately no video because I don't have capture set up. If you're Creamysmooth, harveylawlstein, or daekano – good fight, no idea how that worked out in my favor.

Loot pic in comments, nothing too special but damn it felt good. Plus got some building materials I needed.

This made up for the absolute shit evening. What a messed up game, I love it.

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