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I Got Unbanned! And I have a few things to say

I've held off on posting this just because I was ashamed of how I acted in the post linked below. I was mean and shitty. I can't hold my tongue anymore though and should have PUBLICLY apologized long ago. And shared awesome positive shit like my unban. bSG does listen. Nikita does listen. They care

So many of you remember a few months ago the post I made that blew up about how I wasbanned and there was no process, or afamilar process at least, to appeal that ban and was told there was none, and then a streamer was unbanned. You can find it here . Well I was unbanned a few weeks later. Nikita and BSG contacted me and we did a lot of testing, communication, and diagnostics etc. Over a few weeks he came to the decision to provisionally unban me. I think the conclusion was my shotty internet connection and servers caused issues and I was able to gather videos/evidence that showed my innocence. I like to think, that in the end, the entire situation let BSG gather a lot of information on my ban and my internet quality and how it interacts with the servers and how it happened and why, and led to ways that improved the systems etc etc. And, as Nikita said, unless it comes from his mouth or username, don’t take it as 100% true yet.

Now, with that explained I want to say that BSG is fucking amazing. Nikita is fucking awesome and I love this game, even with all the flaws. Looking back at my post you can see I harshly criticized them in my post and comments. I would say I did it too much. While I wasn’t saying “Bsg poop, Nikita trash, go fuck, yourself and die”, I did criticize without always providing active ideas/solutions to make it better. Even with this, Nikita still listened to me, he heard me out, and gave me the opportunity to defend myself, and I would like to publicly apologize for that. He could have just said “No unban for you, tough luck”, because the videos provided did in fact look hacky as shit. But he didn’t. Many of you will say I’m only taking this stance because I was unbanned, no, that is wrong. Just the fact that I was able to appeal, that I was able to influence a change, backed by all the support and non-supporters that interacted with the post, blew my mind. We all did that, not just me. Rereading my post, yea, I asked why are we treated like this. I was the spoiled bitch, I didn’t’ realize how in depth and how much that Nikita himself has enveloped his life into this and how much BSG does and how much effort they put into it. They truly care for the game and the community. Once again, I apologize for my shitty behavior, even if at some point that conditional unban is revoked, or you take away my THICC cases, or you pull the flea, or if I become the greatest Tarkov player ever. Seeing some of the interviews and podcasts that Nikita does, I’m ashamed of some of the ways I have thought before and things I commented, even if they weren’t so extreme as what some of ya’ll are were doing the other day about THICC.

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What kind of developers do this? ABSOLUTELY NONE! Not a single damn game developer listens to this community or its player as much as Nikita and BSG. Does that not mean something to all you people spewing all the hate towards them? THEY ARE FUCKING HUMAN TOO! They see these comments and no matter how toxic we know social media and Reddit can be, there is only so much one can toss those words away until they start affecting us. Yes, the game needs work, it WILL ALWAYS need work, no game is perfect and never will be. Can you not see the effect you are having? Can you not see the stress you are putting on him and BSG as a whole? Can you not see how much they have done for this game and for us and listen to us? The THICC case quest stuff is a prime fucking example of how they listen to us. My unban is a prime example as now there is a method to appeal the unban and get unbanned. The near instantaneous changes suggested by u/lowsisback is a prime example.

For all of you who can read this and ask yourself these questions and still be ok with being absolute assholes to them , YOU ARE A SPOILED SHIT. In fact, we are all spoiled with the way we can have a direct influence on all the things that we can change, propose, and the influence in general. We can talk directly with Nikita, regardless if he responds, he definitely sees the messages. We are spoiled by the way this game is updated, changed, fixed, the developer interaction, community input, and shit, how Nikita has fucking podcasts to tell us the state of the game and what he thinks, how he feels, how the game will be in the future etc etc

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I might have talked in circles a bunch here, I think ya’ll get the picture. Be grateful for the impact and things that we have. They are working hard everyday to combat hacking, RMT, improve the game, provide new features, and interact with the community. We all love this game, if we didn’t, the pure passion, anger, hate, love, and everything wouldn’t be so strong. Just tone it down, stop being shit human beings. Don’t hold BSG and Nikita responsible for every little thing that goes wrong. Even if it something that can be done by them, they most likely are working on it. And trust me, I totally understand where that anger and passion comes from, but before you post it, think about the impact you can have, because it does have one, whether you know it or not, it has an impact.

TLDR: I was unbanned, hell yeah. Stop being POS human beings because we all are human here. If you have issues, then voice them away, minus all the shit talk. Provide ideas and solutions. To all those that supported me in the previous post, I thank you for your support. To those who didn’t, I understand why. Nikita and BSG are human too, stop putting them down. Eventually they will say fuck you and consider their own well being first, don’t wanna see that happen at all.

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