Escape from Tarkov

I just completed “the guide” and could not be more relieved

After a long day of school I hopped on Tarkov to get a few raids in before jumping into bed. Well let’s just say those raids didn’t go well and left me in a pretty sour mood.

It was then that I gave myself 2 opinions: Go watch some Tarkov on YouTube to motivate myself for tomorrow or attempt to compete “the guide”. Now the guide was a quest I had been continually putting off and telling myself was “too hard” and that I “wasn’t good enough” to complete it.

As a challenge to myself I decided to give it a shot. I mean I’d never tried it before and said that I got one chance to do it. If I died, that was it for the night.

I started on reserve, now I can already hear some of you typing up to be like “why reserve” but I chose it as it is the map I am the least familiar with and the most likely to die on. After a short gunfight by d2 with a 2 man I bumped into while pushing to extract I made it out. Then labs, which went smoothly as raiders spawned near me while enabled me to push an extract minutes into the map. Factory was simple, the altyn proved to be scary enough to the pistoling I killed as he ran the second he saw me. Customs was terrifying as I had forgetting to put on ears before going into the raid and was forced to move slowly through certain areas of the map. Interchange the run nearly ended but thankfully the guy wasn’t using good ammo and wasn’t able to pen my bastion and I proceeded to mag dump him to death. Shoreline I played at dawn to reduce my chances of bumping into players and then we went to woods. Which was by far the least exciting to play but the most intense as I hugged the outside of the map praying I didn’t have to fight anyone.

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In the end I completed it and on my first try. The key for me was to play slowly but also always have an extract I wanted to get to in mind. It allowed me to focus on an objective and plan routes once I had spawned in to get to where I wanted to go. I just wanted to share this as a bit of motivation for anyone out there who doesn’t think they have what it takes to do “the guide” that you can do it! It’s a hard quest but if you play smart and avoid fighting you can complete it too 🙂


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