Escape from Tarkov

I really want to like this game but…

Content of the article: "I really want to like this game but…"

…holy shit this is the single most beginner unfriendly game I've ever played. And I'm not talking about the depth of this game, the lack of tutorials, the guns, ammo, loot, maps etc. You can learn all this by spending a couple hours on YouTube and the Wiki.

I'm talking about starting as a new player and only getting into games with level 30+ players. I don't even know where to begin. Even if I had the money and the gear I'd still get shit on by players just because I simply do not have the skills developed yet. But I do not have the gear. Not the guns, not the attachments, not the armor. It's like every game you spawn in and you're a free kill because you can't even reliably spray someone down 10 meters away with an AK because you have nothing. All while the 30+ player on the other side sprays in the general direction of your head and one bullet will hit eventually.

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If I spawn as a SCAV, my only goal is to get to the exit so I can take at least some gear with me and get some money. If I spawn as a PMC, good luck. Taking gear is almost useless because of how underpowered you are in almost every fight. But taking no gear or a pistol is dumb too. I'm no Shroud who can one tap everyone. I'm not even gonna start with tasks. I can't even survive a game with basic loot, let alone run to specific places and get specific items.

I really wanna like this game. I like the concept of it. But man…it's really discouraging if you're new to the game. You spend 15-20mins every raid to essentially lose all your stuff and walk out with 500 XP. Sometimes you spend 15mins as a SCAV for no return except 200 XP. You get no tasks done, you can't level up, you get no money and no gear. It just feels like you're being thrown into a cage with 10 lions and you have to grind for 200 hours until your skills are developed so you can actually start picking fights.

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This kinda turned into a rage post, sorry. Something always drags me back to the game because I wanna get better at it but an hour later with 1000 XP and nothing but lost gear and money and I'm once again at a point where I ask myself whether it's worth it or just best to wait until the next wipe…


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