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I Think I’m About Finished.

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I've been playing this game since pre alpha, and loved every second of it. Since the beginning i have had very high hopes for this game and where the developers might take it.. This being said, I think its about time that i call it quits for good.. The issue that has brought me to this conclusion is the totally unrealistic (and game breaking for that matter) food and drink system. I have never in my life been able to walk and drink my juice/ water/ milk and not spill any on myself, and this is not reflected in the slightest in the current game build. I think it is totally unrealistic that some one can walk while drinking/ eating and successfully consume all of what they were attempting to consume and it totally ruins all immersion in the game. :/

I think that if a player is to drink while walking, a percentage of his drink should be "spilled," if you will, and that spillage reflects in a percentage of the drink not being consume and disappearing and a additional ergonomics drop (from the stickiness) to be temporarily applied( the amount of ergo drop will be linked to drink type).

I'm really quite disappointed that a team of developers that can create such a complex and reactive economic system, create such a diverse and revolutionary approach to in-game weapon modding an attachment systems, and even create an awesome system for round ballistics and amour cant get gosh darn eating and drinking right.. SMH… very disappointing.

Please streamers tell the dev,s to do this because you have all the privilege and they only listen to you, until you do i will never play this game again.

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