Escape from Tarkov

If I liked grinding Flea 20 I’d just work at Mcdonalds instead

I think it's a reasonable thing to say that the chads do not understand the plights of the working man, the student, or the virgin, or choose not to understand that we can only play 2-3 hours a day before we have to go to bed and contemplate how to pay bills or fail the next term exams tomorrow now that we'd bought EOD the night before.

Do you think it's easy to get flea market 20 when each raid takes me 20-60 minutes to run through?

I've only got the alpha edition of the game, so I had to pawn away half of my remaining kidney just to get stash level 2 so I can store more than 3 scav vests. Seriously, the only thing I've crafted this entire wipe is crippling gear fear at the thought of going into the next raid at level 14.9 with anything better than a PM makarov. I've played nearly 444 raids this wipe (not counting scav runs) and still keep getting one tapped 2 seconds into factory for 0xp. I seriously don't understand why I'm still trader level 1 with -100 rep on Jaeger. My lost scav body count is more than WW1, WW2, and the Taiping Rebellion combined and the next scav run is on a 24 hour timer. I'm so deep in debt to Skier that I'm getting chased by his scavs as soon as I spawn in to customs

Like seriously, it shouldn't take 10000 raids to get flea market accessible so I can stop using FMJ rounds in my bolt action vepr 136 without a rear sight, stock, dust cover, or magazine because I pawned them off to praps for 200 roubles. I can only fit 1 item at a time in my alpha container because the rest of the spaces are used for storing bandages when I inevitably get stomached by the first scav I see. For some reason those bandages don't seem to do anything either, probably bugged too because I keep on dying anyways.

And even those items that I get after I die only sell for like, 100 roubles on average from fence. That means it'll probably take me 50 years to get to 1 million roubles to finally get some good gear on the flea market this wipe, like the Stm-9 with 556 Warmage and a Zhuk 3 press armour. I'm not 100% sure though, since I only did general maths in high school.

Someone please tell Nikita to give us flea market level 1 back, all my friends are complaining about getting teleported on in labs and quitting the game because they dropped their alpha containers through the ground by accident mid raid.

So the next time one of you omegachads look down on us for not instantly headshotting you through an SHPM helmet with uso rounds from a makarov, remember that we're having it way harder than bhopping across interchange through mid to techlight at level 50 strength, like a speed demon

Anyways, I gotta go now, I'll talk to you all later. I'm already late for my 9pm 12 hour shift at the mcdonald's drive thru and my mum needs me to buy milk and eggs on the way back… hopefully dogecoin goes to the moon again because I've got my life savings in it


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