Escape from Tarkov

Implement In-Game Crafting and Unlock the Potential of the Maps

I believe one of the best things that could be added to the game that could have a tremendous impact and add a lot of spice to the maps would be in-game crafting. By in-game crafting, what I mean is to allow players to create (or fill) items in raid by interacting with the environment and these could be things learned from completing some quests.

For example, the BP Depot quest makes you go find all of the oil tankers on Customs. What if the goal of this quest was changed where, Prapor wanted you to get gas from all of these vehicles. You learn the technique and upon completing the quest, you can now always fill up empty fuel cans if you have them with you. This adds a new point of interest on the map that will persist throughout a wipe. On top of that, this adds for value to be created by players who may have a more rat-play style. Lastly, this adds a mini-economy where empty fuel now have value because players want them, so they can fill them up and then they flip them to gain money. As other players expect some players to be doing this, they may go checkout these vehicles that generally go largely ignored now. It adds to the economy, it adds to the map and it will persist through the wipe.

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Some other ideas I have:

-Oil tankers for diesel fuel.

-Gas stations for gas fuel (what if gas

-Stream behind resort or lakes near estate (shoreline) to fill up water bottles with fresh water.

-Farm houses to collect oats

-Add a blood bank to places like Emercom Medical to fill blood sets which could become a requirement for medical supply crafting.

-Charge batteries in power stations (resort/interchange).. Batteries can be added to thermals/nvgs to power their use.

-Some sort of industrial cleaner to clean air or water filters once they have been used (Maybe in factory or some sort of vacuum store in Interchange?)

-Kiba Workbench to repair durability of weapons

Open to thoughts on this. I think this could be a lot of fun. The biggest thing is that it adds a whole new layer of play style on the existing maps and adds to the economy.


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