Escape from Tarkov

In my 800+ hours I’ve never seen as many hackers as I have in the past two days.

Content of the article: "In my 800+ hours I’ve never seen as many hackers as I have in the past two days."

I have always had fairly bad internet and disconnect from maybe 15-20% of my games depending but I put up with it because I really love this game. Trust me, I am extremely familiar with what desync looks like, I know what a whole host of problems originating from high ping look like. Invisible players with a white mask clipping through walls dropping grenades at your feet is not one that I know of.

Now I want to preface this by saying that I’m a very cool player who does not rage or get angry at games. I know when I die it’s (generally) my fault. That said, over the past 48 hours I’ve had some incredibly suspicious deaths, most of which I gave the benefit of the doubt for whatever reason. I don't like calling hacks. This story is of an undeniable hacker.

Fast forward to my last (for good reason) raid of the night. Load up reserve, drop in and head over to white pawn where I'm immediately met with a USEC taunting me from the floor above. I thought it was odd they immediately knew I was there being that I crept inside expecting a player to potentially have gotten there before me but whatever, maybe he saw or heard me clip a bush or something so let’s fight. I dicky needles at him a few times and start thinking about how I should position. Shortly after, a third party shows up. Drop them and start checking the body for grenades. This is where things get weird and man I would have paid to have a recording of this. I hear footsteps zooming all over the building running right up to outside the room I’m in, but not the door, rather the wall I’m up against. Then I see (what I believe was) a white half mask phase through the wall right next to me. I start dumping this specter circling around the room as grenades are getting tossed all over the place. Sprint to the corner where I survive the blasts as the white mask flies out of the room, closing the door behind it. At this point a fourth party shows up, giving me enough space to pop a propital. He starts taking shots from the floor above and from what I could asses, didn’t know where to fire back at. He bites it and I hear my ghost zooming up to my room again. The door swings open and there’s nothing on the other side but confusion and a bullet for my noggin. (Head, ears) greets me in the afterlife along with the name LYNDMARK. I start to really second guess myself at this point thinking like maybe it’s possible I just got some new symptom of desync or something and just got outplayed by the man himself. His alt account maybe? And then it hits me: 100% hard evidence. I solo on California servers exclusively. There's no conceivable way LVNDMARK plays CA servers. None of the guns in his streaming room are California legal featureless rifles.

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I know I hit that bastard. I'll see you out there.


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