Escape from Tarkov

Is BSG lying to us about hacking?

Exhibit A: Yesterday someone posted this footage of what clearly appears to be a speed hacker on Woods, please note the player name of the hacker as being 'Spike98'.

Nikita actually responded to this specific video personally about 5 hours ago, something which definitely doesn't seem par for the course on this subreddit. He said, and I quote:

'we checked this server – and its not a cheater. server was lagging hard, sending a lot of packets by packs at once and client (your point of view) was trying to process it fast, thats why it interpolated like its speedhack or something.'

Exhibit B: An hour ago, /u/Lyse89 posted this footage where he kills two players and finds a corpse kitted out in a Slick/Altyn near a bunch of dead bodies.

The body that he searches is wearing 181.4kg in Blackjack backpacks stacked and packed with Firesteels, Prokill Medallions, Virtexes, Bitcoin, and Defibs. Here is the loot expanded, pretty fucking ridiculous.

What's more they all appear to have the Found in Raid tag that apparently disappeared when he brought them out, which as far as I know isn't how FiR works. This guy brought 40 million rubles in stash value into a Factory raid withn him, pretty bizarre behaviour for a legitimate player. Seems much more likely he is a cheater who was trying to transfer his ill-gotten gains to another character, which maybe just maybe could have something to do with getting publicly called out for speedhacking on the subreddit?

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Exhibit C: The dogtag of the corpse with all the sus 40mil on it, lo and behold it belongs to none other than the villain of Exhibit A 'Spike98'.

Apparently the same guy who was able to one-tap /u/BarbarianCataphract in the head/jaws while running around at mach 1 on Woods yesterday also was killed in the midst of transferring 40m in loot on Factory hours ago. Somehow this being a coincidence just doesn't sit quite right with me, sorry BSG.

P.S. all credit for making this connection goes to /u/Drizzt___, I just thought it deserved more attention/visibility.

Edit: I've just read that apparently the FiR tags is a known bug to do with scavving into a map, that's one problem here solved.


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