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Is making moonshine currently worth it?

Lets assume you've invested in the hideout and are using it to farm bitcoin. Therefore we won't be taking into account the cost of fuel. We will also assume we buy any items we need from the flea market instead of finding them in raid.

To make moonshine, you need 1 purified water + 2 sugar. Now you can either buy these items or craft them. To craft purified water, you would use 60% of a water filter which means you can craft 3 purified waters with 2 water filters leaving the last water filter with 20% left. Following that logic, if you have 3 water filters you can craft exactly 5 purified waters.

The current cost of water filters are between 70-80k so lets assume 75k for our math. The cost of purified water is ~85k so lets assume 85k for our math. Our math:

(Remember, we only need 3 water filters to make 5 purified waters)

3 water filters: 75k x 3 = 225k

5 purified waters: 85 x 5 = 425k

As you can see, just crafting purified water makes you a profit of around 200k. Lets also compare the real cost of 1 purified water crafted rather than bought from the market. To do that, we divide the cost of 3 water filters by 5 to calculate the price of one purified water (crafted):

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3 water filters: 225k / 5 = 45k

So, we can assume that it's only profitable to buy purified water at less than 45k from the market.

Lets move on to sugar:

Sugar is a lot simpler. The price of sugar varies a lot depending on demand. During the past week I've seen it as low as 65k and as high as 90k. So lets assume 75k for our math. To craft sugar, you need 2 Alyonka chocolates. Each Alyonka goes for 35k pretty regularly so lets assume 35k for our math. Our math:

2 Alyonkas: 35k x 2 = 70k

1 sugar: 75k

So technically, you do make a profit but its not very significant. I'd still recommend crafting sugar though.

Moving on to moonshine:

As stated before, we need 1 purified water + 2 sugars. We will use both the cost of crafting these materials and buying them on the market. Let's also keep in mind that the price of moonshine is around 225k on the market, so lets assume 225k for our math. Our math:


1 purified water: 45k

2 sugars: 70k x 2 = 140k

Total cost for 1 moonshine: 140k + 45k = 185k

(flea market)

1 purfied water: 85k

2 sugars: 75k x 2 = 150k

Total cost for 1 moonshine: 150k + 85k = 235k

As you can see, if you craft the items needed to make moonshine, you make a profit of (225k – 185k = 40k) 40k per moonshine and if you buy them from the flea market, you lose (225k – 235k = -10k) 10k per moonshine.

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We can conclude that if you have no other intention of using the moonshine other than selling it. It's a lot more profitable to not make moonshine and just sell purified water. On the other hand, if you intend on using moonshine for your scav case, I recommend crafting as much as possible since that would net you the most amount of money.

TLDR: If your intention is to sell moonshine, DON'T, its more profitable to craft purified water and selling it. If your intention is to use the moonshine, make sure you craft as much as possible.


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