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It’s time to fix late spawning

Content of the article: "It’s time to fix late spawning"

Why late spawning is terrible for the game:

Late spawning his a huge detriment to the play-ability of a run. Just spawning 30 seconds late can ruin a run, due to many maps being dependent on being the first to a high value area. This is the simple fact of the state of the game, whether that's the intent of the developers or not.

Also, late spawns can drop you right in front of crossers, instantly losing your kit with no chance at all. Or on the opposite side, a late spawner can pop in right behind you if you're running past spawn points. It's simply unfair to all involved.

Also, late spawning, you loose a lot of critical info from where hot spots are.

So yeah, I think it's obvious to most in the community that late spawns are a huge negative impact on game play.

Flaws with the matchmaking algorithm:

It appears that when the last players join the server, the countdown begins immediately for those already loaded into the server who were in the "Waiting for players" step.

This means that the last players still need to load loot and all subsequent steps, particularly synchronizing with players. For me, this often results in a late load of roughly 30-90s late on average. And I have a decent gaming PC with Tarkov on an NVMe SSD. The inconsistent load times in the post matching steps appear to indicate that it's the network that's the bottleneck.

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I have also observed my transition from "Matching…" to "Loading loot" occurring after the game has already started. I.E., Matching –> Loading Loot at 1:30, finished sync at 2:30, late spawned by 1:30. This means that either the client received the notification that the user has joined a server extremely late, or that servers are adding users after the start of the round

This is a fundamentally wrong approach to matchmaking in a game where the first few minutes are crucial.

Requested Changes:

  • Add a new 2 minute buffer for players that have joined a server to load in (load loot, sync with players). When all clients have notified server they have finished loading, start countdown.
  • If anyone in a party is going to late load, return the whole group back to Matching at high priority, rather than load into a raid late.
  • New lower minimum players in a raid to allow for a few players to drop out if they don't make the 2 minute timer. For example, server will continue to have a minimum of 10 players for matchmaking on Shoreline (to go from "Finding Players" to the new 2 minute buffer). However, have the actual minimum after drops be 7 players, so that if one player in a 3 man group fails to load, the group drops out to high priority matching and the remaining 7 players get a raid with no late spawns.
  • If too many players are dropped out, drop the players and return to Finding Players to fill out the rest.

Will this increase load times on average? Yes. But it will eliminate late spawns and all the bullshit that it entails. I personally would be fine with waiting 2 minutes longer if I can have more reliable runs. I think a lot of you would agree, but please discuss.

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