Escape from Tarkov

I’ve played Tarkov nearly every single day of this wipe, but I think I’m calling it here.

I'm fresh out of high school in the rural midwest, and I'm saving money to move out. I love Tarkov, I've played nearly every single day this wipe, but it feels like players like me are getting shafted around every corner.

First, the ping limit: The amount of times I've been booted from a raid this wipe for ping has been ridiculous, sometimes up to six or seven times a raid before I inevitability die. I play exclusively on NA servers, mostly Chicago, and still get disconnected at least once per night on a good night. I live in the rural midwest, I have two choices for internet provider and I do everything I can to make sure my network performance is optimized. It's still not enough for BSG. If you're going to keep lowering ping limits, improve your servers. It's worth noting that this doesn't happen with any other games that I can think of, and my network performance is the best it's been in recent memory.

Second: EOD. I was planning on buying EOD next wipe, but I've taken such a turn that I'm considering dropping EFT altogether instead. I have the standard edition, and I'm perfectly fine with being at a disadvantage. I shelled out ₱3.5m for my first stash upgrade a couple days ago, and I'm almost done with the Punisher line (damn Shoreline kills…). That said, with the most recent change it seems as though the disparity is only getting larger between the standard and EOD editions of Tarkov, and I'm not super cool with that happening mid-wipe at the very least. I feel like that disparity should be getting smaller, not significantly larger and without transparency.

Read more:  If they arent going to adjust customs spawns, they should at least stop funneling all the Noobs there.

Third: Communication. This isn't exclusive to me and my position, but it's a big influence in my dropping EFT. Developers need to be transparent. I saw DayZ through the majority of its lifetime as a standalone game, and its biggest flaw was lack of communication on the part of the devs. I honestly believe that the developers killed their own game, and I honestly believe that EFT is headed down that path. Talk with your players, respond to criticisms, make responsible changes. Until you can get that handled, you're doomed as a developer.

Tarkov has been my life these past few weeks, and I've had a blast. This is the most fun I've had with Tarkov yet. But I think this is goodbye for now. I understand that one player isn't going to change anything, but seeing this sub flooded with criticism made me think that now is when my two cents might make the most impact. I hope others feel similarly, and that our combined message gets through to someone that can change something.


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