Escape from Tarkov

Just remove flea market, like, Really

This game wasn't meant to be easy.

We can solve RMT and cheating once and for all by just removing the flea altogether. Sure it makes it harder for everyone else.

Back then we used to have no flea market. Is it a coincidence that we also had no hackers, and no RMT? We used to be four months in with just a paca on fort and some half modded M4. And guess what? That was enough to drop everyone from level 1 – 100. You had to make do with the shitty five seven you got from Peacekeeper level 4. That was skill. That was the grind. That was hardcore. You bought the game, a HARDCORE SURVIVAL game, to play a HARDCORE experience. What is flea market? Easycore. You literally can't spell Flea market without EASY.

Yet you still say you want to run around in your m995 m4's, slicks and altyns by 2 weeks into wipe.


But I'll tell you this. I only needed 2 days to get level 71, and I'm not even trying because usually it only takes one. When I actually ever need to buy gear (which is rare), I take a 250,000R credit card and go raider farming in Red zone labs.

By day 3 of the wipe my character can jump from first floor dorms straight up to above marked room by just pressing spacebar. From there I just wallbang whoever I can hear with my Audiotechnica 7.1 Surround comtacs from above, they never expect it. Tarkov audio is the best in the industry. If you can't do the same, just git gud, Retard. In fact, the only reason I have a workbench is to my train strength levels daily by pushing my PMC's titanium balls straight into the rotary grinder.

You've got nothing on my OG fort armour – Fast-MT-faceshield-earshield-jawshield-condor-SLAPP combo. I've got a Kappa case full of propital, and I'm propertal coming for your cowering rat ass with this full modded 10 recoil 140 ergo (bug exploit btw) PS SVDS with a thermal 144hz 1-360x scope. I can see your thick, virgin skull from 50km away.

You think you should have a chance with flea market level 10? You think you should be able to try out the guns by selling your non-found in raid loot? You really think the game should encourage those who keep dying to average players like me? This ain't minecraft beta bud, this is Tarkov ALPHA. Just remove it all together. We don't need any new kids here on the block. This game wasn't made for you, it was made for true ALPHAS (gamma case chads). This is no place for peasant BETA container players. Go back to COD tbh.

And now look, you made our lord and saviour Nikita lower the flea market level for you pansies who don't have more than 400iq in gamesense and 5 years of experience playing this game for 18 hours a day. I know every extract on labs just by looking at the back of my hand. Talk about weak minded.

TLDR: I'm married to a supermodel with 10 kids, sleep 8 hours a day (while playing tarkov with my eyes open for 4, it's that braindead), go to the gym to train my chiseled abs (FK LOCKDOWN) for 2 hours while having my 10 sons to fill in for me in raid on rotation, while working from home with my left hand on my MacBook Ultra 2021 and STILL find time to play tarkov (yes I only need one hand to dome you and your loser 'friends').

So get out of here with your commie warcraft free market bullshit. If you actually want to get good at the game, follow me on twitch/daddychadthundercockmcgee. There's also some free official shepherd service I've heard. Also, hit me up in dm's if you want this account, I just hit 4.295 trillion roubles last night (the max). Gonna change to my 27th alt fresh acc or Jaeger's going to run out of thermals again


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