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Kill X pmc’s under Y circumstances are the worst quests in the game.

Content of the article: "Kill X pmc’s under Y circumstances are the worst quests in the game."

Being forced to kill PMCs in such specific ways/areas are the most annoying quests to do.

Chasing these quests often results in players playing the most frustrating ways possible to play as and to play against.

Spamming VOGs, camping doorways with a mosin, using only pistols for raid after raid, playing factory 12 times in a row and just hovering around the office, now you need 100m headshots on a map that revolves around a mall, so now I'm camping watching the enterences and the extracts…. I hate doing it and people hate when other people do it but it's the best way to do it.

Doing these things are miserably boring and repetitive and makes people burn out if they chase them.

And if you're a new player? Fuck. There was a post earlier about a player that started this wipe and got kappa; he had >2000 raids this wipe. If we were to say he averaged 20 minutes a raid, that'd be >650 hrs, or the equivalent of ~4 months of work working 40hrs/wk. Would not be surprised if most of his time questing was going for these types of quests.

They suck. They're not fun. They make people burn out.

If you have 2-3 hrs a day to play a couple of times a week you don't want to be beating your head against a wall trying to do the same thing over and over again.

Now, yes, we don't need to do quests, but it's a part of the progression of the game, unlocking higher level traders, going for other quests that are more rewarding later down the line or pushing for kappa.

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There are some enjoyable quests in the game; going to kill bosses, picking up something and delivering it, searching for rare or hard to find items, but fuck are the quests where you have to chase down players and go for kills in such a specific way or using specific gear are not enjoyable at all. Then right after one Kill X players in Y fashion quest is another, so decide if you want to go do other quests and go play the game across several different maps or keep playing the same map/gear targeting this one quest.

If all of the kill X players in Y fashion quests were available at once, you could say "eh, I'm going to go for those flash kills this game" , then try, not enjoy it and say "fuck it I'm going for the 25m mosin kills… I could do that wearing a scav vest and 6b helmet". Get rid of the repetitive grind of doing these tasks.

Imagine if SBiH had you do it one map at a time, honestly I'm surprised it doesn't.

Make the game harder through gameplay, not through tasks that you have to warp your gameplay or hover in one area for hours to try to complete.

Fuckin lookin at you Jaeger.


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