Escape from Tarkov

Killa changes were wrong and diddn’t fix anything – they just made the map less enjoyable to play.

First of all – please don't hard downvote this thread if you count to the cheesers.Let's have a neutral discussion without your goal to have an easy time to make money / finish the stylish one.
Trust me – the time will come were you stop doing it and you will realize how aweful annoying it is.

The recent changes about Killa diddn't make the situation better – it made it worse.I'm a proud interchange goblin and played over 700 raids on my favorite map this wipe so far.And I have to say the last change are the least fun to play for me currently. ( Which is suprising after the Ultra Med Room changes but that's another topic )Every lobby has a guaranteed KEDR runner. Sometimes I even run into 3-4 of them.Removing his armor diddn't fix the situation – it just made it worse by giving them the option to even spray his chest.I don't know the exact reason why it got removed but I highly suggest to simply remove the stun lock from the unarmored body parts or give him armor on it.Currently, every raid I experience is completely dead after 5-10min at the start.Why? Because a couple hatchlings farming GPUS and naked kedr runner die there.Half of the PMC slots are filled with players that have not "normal" intentions to play.I don't want to hate on these people because it's not their fault the game gives them such an easy abusable mechanic but I do hope someone in higher position reads this.The Found in Raid changes were one of the best things that could happen to the map.People are not camping in stores anymore waiting for someone to run in their scope simply because gear / pvp doesn't worth the time anymore.Hatchlings are also way less common!

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On average most raids are like this :a couple hatchlings + kedr runner take some PMC slots and die very quickly in the first minutes to either a scav or the first PMC encounter. ( or they hide in a bush at the extract to take out something they found ) After that the whole map is pretty much dead. I sometimes find myself sprint running to power, hit the button, loot kiba, loot ultra med room, loot both keycard rooms and extract.Of course economic wise I should be happy about this but it's seriously not fun.I play this game for the immense fear of death and PvP – not because it's a loot simulator with a couple arm shooting locals.

I would love to see some further changes to Killa fixing the issue.You might have fixed the availability for Killa armor in the early game but everything else is still viable.And please battlestate – don't nerf his loot again. Seriously, he is a map boss and currently such a joke when he spawns with his low penetrating AK without armor.In my opinion the right step is buffing him to be a bigger threat – not making him easier to kill.Same as every other Boss in the game being relative hard to kill for high reward – not just run naked into his face, spray his leg and dip with the loot.

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