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Lets Talk About Player Progression

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I'm curious to get the community's thoughts on progression in Tarkov because it feels a bit off right now, and I want to bat around some ideas that could make it better for all player types. I know the quest/progression system is not anywhere near final, and I'm not sure how much is planned to change but maybe this discussion can help shape the future vision.


I've found over the last two wipes that getting from level 1-20 is quite a different experience than getting from level 20-40 for me. I noticed the game progression, through cash accumulation and quest objectives, transitions you from a mainly survival mindset where every piece of loot counts and just suriving raids feels like a great success to mainly PvP mindset where if you don't bring dog tags out of the raid it feels like a failure. I'm not sure if this is the intended vision of the game, but after playing for two wipes it feels like the futher I progress the less fulfilling the survival aspects are and I feel forced into more PvP focused behavior.


I'm not suggesting people should be able to play and progress without engaging in PvP at all, but the transistion from limited/avoided PvP to forced PvP interactions just feels a bit off, like it’s the only thing left to do at a certain point. This is, of course, my personal opinion and I'm sure some of you feel the exact opposite and just want to get into some great PvP. Personally I don't play this game to seek out PvP directly, I play it for the threat of PvP and being put into combat situations as a result of trying to survive and complete objectives in Tarkov. I love the fear, I love the risk, and when it becomes solely about PvP the fear and risk fade away and it feels more like hardcore COD than the looter-shooter I fell in love with a few months ago.

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Something I think could make everyone's late/end game more fulfilling would be career specialization for our PMCs. I evision these as quest lines that would open up somewhere in the mid-game and allow you decide between which one(s) you pursue. The idea being that each career path would cater to certain playstyles and quest types so once you get taste of what is available you can choose a preference for continuing your progression. Some of the existing quests could slot right into careers and I'm sure a lot of us would love to choose certain types of quests over others after a certain point in the leveling experience.


Imagine if Shooter Born in Heaven was not forced on all players, but a quest in a Sharpshooter focused career path. Quests in this career path may have more requirements (like using sniper rifles and DMRs) but also provide unique rewards like Sniper Skill experience and unique unlocks at the traders. Moving some attachments to career path unlocks could help balance the availability of gear if done well, and it would make pursuing such unlocks feel more rewarding than the current grind which is the same for every player every wipe. It would force meaningful decsions in the later game which currently feels like a wide open sandbox in terms of loadout availability.


Imagine if most of the more burdensome FIR tasks were part of a Tarkov Coyote career path that focuses on smuggling various items out of raid, or bringing in high value items and dropping them off succesfully. Maybe this one provides unique trader barters instead of weapon attachments.

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Maybe career paths have other unique rewards too, like carreer-based clothing and camo that give us long term goals earned through increasingly difficult tasks in a specific disipline. If there are enough career paths maybe you can pursue more than one at a time. Maybe after completing one you can pursue others. I think it would be a cool way to provide more meaningful progression and playstyle diversity into the late game.


I could rattle off a couple more career path ideas, but what do you think? Got any cool ideas that build off of this concept? Or maybe you have a different idea to keep the mid-late game fresh and fun for all playstyles? I'm curious to hear what ya'll think


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