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Make T-7s affordable again

Content of the article: "Make T-7s affordable again"

TL;DR – T-7s aren't used at all right now. People have an irrational fear against them thinking every raid will be ruined by the T-7 users if the price is affordable. However, I disagree and I think it should be made affordable so that people can try it for themselves to see what pros/cons it has and give space for actual consensus to form around it.

There are items in tarkov that were sacrificed by streamers for the views. "New item XX is OP" is a good template for gaining views.
T-7 was one of them, and it was hit the hardest because people thought T-7 users were in every raid where they got killed out of nowhere. There was no way to confirm if T-7 indeed was in every raid where people died.
It was worsened by thermals not having range limits and being able to see through bushes and glass windows, and the ability to gamma them didn't help.

However, all of the issues above are fixed(can't gamma, 200m range limit, can't see through trees/bushes/windows…), yet T-7 is still at 10 million from jaeger. I haven't seen his stock decrease from 10/10 ever while waiting for jaeger reset, which means the entire tarkov playerbase buys it less than 1 per day.

People say XX item/weapon is a problem that breaks balance without even trying them.

Take GL40, for example. Although I've posted multiple guides on the GL40 in this subreddit, almost nobody knows how to zero it correctly using Bravo/HAMR top red dot combo. People just say "it hits weirdly depending on every optic", "the barrel blocks the view unless you use ironsights for it" without ever trying to properly experiment with it using various mods or figuring how zeroing works in the game.

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People will say thermals don't serve a purpose in the game without even trying it for themselves "because it's too expensive". You can't reason with a crowd that refuses to verify their beliefs through first hand experience.

T-7 is not even worth 1 million in most maps like Labs or Reserve, due to essentially being blind in a lot of areas. It might be worth using in Woods/Customs/Shoreline but it still suffers from the range limit and inability to see through bushes and windows.

People will disagree without even trying it for themselves. Tarkov, being a beta game, should at least make new items vastly more accessible to users so that we can figure out if it's broken or not. So far, Reddit-Driven-Development method of BSG has led to balancing being done preemptively rather than through actual usage results.
I think Nikita's stubbornness on not changing the balance of GL40 is due to his frustration that a lot of the new features he worked hard for were forced to become essentially nonexistent due to the complaints.

Personal opinions about other items aside, 10 mil for T-7 is clearly a meme. Just like we see meta HKs every raid in reserve and labs, the price should be decreased at least to a point where we see 1 in 10 raids at labs/reserve. And then we can talk again about its balance and appropriate price points.


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