Escape from Tarkov

Making stuff expensive DOES NOT WORK

Been playing this game for a long time. Seen a lot of wipes. Haven’t actually made it through one in years because it usually gets pretty stale. But there have been a lot of economy changes over the years which have, IMO, all basically backfired and made most of the frustrating things about the game (especially for new players) worse and worse each time. Number one takeaway I have from all of this: enforcing rarity or slowing growth through making items more expensive (good ammo, armor, whatever) DOES NOT WORK. It never has, and every attempt to do so has made it worse.

Making high tier items more expensive only serves to motivate the rush-for-loot and rush-hideout play styles. The people who want to do this and have the time to do it then have infinite access to anything they want, pretty much, regardless of price. Meanwhile, it just gets further and further away for everyone else. Does it become more “rare”? Only for certain strange definitions of the word. And it sucks.

This isn’t me being salty about being blasted by a chad. I’ve been playing just now and then, I’m mid-level and not bad at the game. My stash is full.

What it is being salty about is the play style. It’s just not fun or interesting to me to rush Techlight and ram GPUs up my ass. I don’t have any interest in sprinting through the tunnels hoovering up intel folders. That shit is boring as fuck to me. So I remain “poor” (although I maintain it’s basically impossible not to make money somehow in this game), which sorta sucks… but not as much as the game wanting me to do all these lame hatchet runs and memorizing spawns and crafting exploits and blah blah blah. Anyone who isn’t lost in the game or fixated on being “good” at it can see immediately that those behaviors aren’t what the game should be about, and especially shouldn’t be what it encourages.

So stop making good shit more expensive. If you don’t want everyone to have it, make it actually rare.


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