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Managed to get KAPPA on my first wipe wanted to share thoughts on the game

Content of the article: "Managed to get KAPPA on my first wipe wanted to share thoughts on the game"

I think EFT is a fantastic game and can't wait for more content to be added. The mechanics, looting system, weapons, general feeling everything combined creates a truly unique gaming experience.

I'm not a good player. I'm mediocre at best and i used all tools in my disposal to get KAPPA including ratting, exfil camping you name it. I had my chad moments but not many. Most of my raids i went undergeared (comparing with what i had in my disposal or could afford at the time). Basically i played with good gear (not best gear) ONLY when playing with friends because the chances of getting it back is way higher compared to solo.

I realised that a big part of gear fear is that it creates an expectation and when you do not meet that expectation you feel shit either because a rat killed you, you lost a firefight where you could have easily won, bad map knowledge or the worst, dying from someone that invested 50k where you invested 500k. I have 40 million rubbles, max hideout, 10 sets of T5, T6 armor and 300K weapons, 4 thermals and I DENY TO GO BIG DICK RAID with slicks and thermals and shit just to avoid feeling that feeling. I prefer to to lose them in the reset than to lose them to an undergeared rat. Everyone recommends "the more you die the more you get used to it", no not really. It got better yes, dying with gear, but there is no way i will get used to it to the point i dont feel nothing. On the other hand, when going with minimal gear and you manage to get the drop on someone and you extract with that juicy gear the feeling is awsome. Then again if you die, you dont care and there is no pressure. An awsome element of EFT is that it allows you to play however you want and at any pace you feel comfortable.

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Most time consuming quest: Shooter born in heaven especialy interchange Hardest quest: Find and eliminate Glukhar Most stressing quest: The guide and Test drive – Part 1 Best farming map: Interchange tech stores and pharmacy Budget weapon choice: DT MDR 5.56×45 Assault Rifle. It comes with 73 recoil, which is manageable, and you can buy good ammo cheap from vendors.


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