Escape from Tarkov

Maybe it’s just not for you? (Not gatekeeping)

What does it take to "git good"? It takes literally playing the game. It takes time to learn this game. It takes effort and a lot of deaths, its frustrating, and it only gets harder as you fail and tilt. If you haven't got that kind of time then this game probably isn't for you. That is not a personal attack. This game takes time and if you haven't got it and can't make it then your little bit of time is going to be a miserable time. These changes people keep saying hurt the new player but help the experienced guy aren't intended to do so. They are intended to slow progression in general and casual players are just collateral damage. But this game was never intended for casual play. You can say the game will die without casuals all you want. The devs are laughing all the way to the bank with your casual money. They already knew the game was for a small audience and thanks to all the people who made an uninformed purchase they have a ton more profit then they had probably hoped for.

If at this point you're still stubborn enough to think this is a game for casuals and its definitely for you, lets see how you feel about this. This game is not even at peak time consuming level yet. In the future you will have to have to travel through maps to get to your missions!(Open world) Nikkita says raids will be 4+ hours long. The maps are connected. You can see it on the map screen. You won't just drop in interchange to Make Ultra Great Again. You'll need to travel through maps and survive before you even get there. That is a planned feature. It's part of what this game is going to be.

Streamers make this game look like something it isn't. A lot of people have bought the game based on what they saw on streams without looking into what it is. We bought an unfinished product that doesn't represent the final build. That doesn't just mean its going to be buggy as fuck. That means it's not finished. I can't blame people for that though as a lot of developers in recent time have hyped their game and used early access to sell with no intent to deliver on promises(Fuck you daybreak). But it's not the developers fault that people have the wrong impression of what this game is. It's unfinished and that's stated before you even purchase and again before you even play.

What we are experiencing in Tarkov is the actual definition of beta in game development: adding features and systems on the groundwork built in alpha. This is game features that were accommodated in alpha but not fully implemented yet (weight, toxicity, temperature, maps etc). As a side note a majority of the complaints you see in beta game forums, subreddits etc are the equivalent of someone having a house built and coming by to see the progress, finding the house in the framing#/media/File:Wood-framed_house.jpg) stage and complaining that the walls aren't painted.

The game is mostly knowledge based. If you're a slow learner it will take longer. If you can only play a little at a time it will take longer. If you can't give that kind of time then expect to keep at it awhile before it gets easier. That is just what it takes. If you think its hard now it's only going to get harder. That's the goal. If you're one of the people complaining about tedious tasks I've got bad news for you. After you have no reason to go into raid, the game gets pretty boring. Having a ton of cash and running best in slot equipment running for pvp with laser guns gets old quick. In my case it lead to strange raids with fully kitted siaga 9's, VPO-215's and makarovs to feel fun again.

Those times you're running a Vepr KM/Siaga 9/215 and come out fully kitted with M4, gen4 and 100k helmet are the best ones. But the last few wipes they were just common and dull. The FIR changes brought back the best parts of this game. Kitted guys are a threat again. And taking that fight and winning is fun again. Last few wipes everyone had gear and it was just the same fight every time. This game wasn't meant to be fair and balanced. That's what made it fun. That is the fun part. As soon you click ready you might already be dead. There could be a guy with thermal svd and the knowledge to wipe the map and its already over before its started.

Nikkita came to the subreddit for feedback and actively participated. Sometimes adding QOL changes on the fly (Barters, crafting, equipment compatibility etc). Then a bunch of entitled children decided to come here and flame over the stupidest shit. Some people seem to misunderstand that the development of this game is a fucking job for people. It pays their bills, keeps a roof over their head and feeds their family. One of the BSG staff quit over all the social media garbage this community spewed. Imagine quitting your job cause some little cunts on the internet talked enough shit to make you think it was a good idea. Just play the fucking game or don't. They do this for a living and have a plan for the game, maybe it's just not for you.

Also to all the RMT buyers, You are part of the problem plaguing this game right now, But thanks for playing the loot piñata role. The gear ain't helping you.

TLDR; Git good and wtf is wrong with some people written in a way that shouldn't trigger.


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