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Mechanic Questline Suggestion – Hacker

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Hello PMC's, I am sharing a questline I thought of. It is a one for the future, but I wanted to see what you guys think. Having a AI that follows you seems like an interesting concept.


Hacker Questline

Mechanic quest line suggestion

Hacker Pt. 1- Introduction

“Yesterday I got a message from my old friend, he is trapped in Tarkov. I need you to help him. He says he is safe for now, but his food rations are getting low. I need you to bring him some canned food, water, coffee. He also requested some cola and energy drinks and promised extra reward for these. He will be waiting for you in his apartment. Top floor, streets. Here is the address, make sure you are not followed. Hurry, I don’t want him to starve..”


  • Deliver 5 cans of delicious beef stew to the designated apartment.
  • Deliver 1 purified water to the designated apartment.
  • Deliver 3 coffee packs to the designated apartment.
  • (optional) Deliver 2 tarcola’s and 4 hot rods to the designated apartment.

Doing this will give you extra reputation, and together with other optional objectives further down the questline. You can receive extra rewards or have him hideout to increase bitcoin farm efficiency.

Hacker Pt. 2 – Computing power

“Thanks for helping my dude. He is well and your package gives him more of the precious time he needs. However, bad luck never runs out in Tarkov, there was a water leak and part of his computer setup got toasted. Here is the list of what he needs, bring it to him. One more thing, I noticed a higher traffic of scavs in the area, they might be up to something. If you can, make sure he finishes the repairs without issues.”


  • Deliver 5 CPU’s to the designated apartment.
  • Deliver 2 graphics cards to the designated apartment.
  • Deliver 3 SSD’s to the designated apartment.
  • (optional) Guard the hacker for 10 minutes so he can complete the repairs without scav intrusion.
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Hacker Pt. 3 – Moving

“Urgent, My friend's location got busted, it wasn’t you. I have a feeling Skier has something to do with it. He has an escape route, but the area is quite hot and he is afraid. The apartment? Taken by scavs. I need you to go there, kill them and salvage what is left of his equipment. After that RV with my man and get him to me. Alive.”


  • Kill scavs in the hacker’s apartment building.
  • Retrieve Hacker’s salvageable equipment from his apartment.
  • Go to XYZ and escort the hacker to the extract (specific one, leading to Suburbs)
  • From Suburbs to Interchange.
  • From Interchange to Customs.
  • From Customs to Factory..

Hacker Pt. 4 – Reunion

“Bring us some Vodka…with Pineapple juice and Milk. We want to celebrate this reunion.”


  • Find 2 in raid Vodka.
  • Find 1 in raid Pineapple juice.
  • Find 1 in raid Milk.

Hacker Pt. 5 – Doing business

“Hell of a party…thanks. Now it is time to do the job. Take my man to labs, here is a keycard for you. I need you to escort him to the office, parking gate control room, security control room. There is some data we need to retrieve. If you can get him to the Red Keycard room, I will kiss your cheeks.”


  • Escort the hacker to the office area in Labs and protect him for 2 minutes.
  • Escort the hacker parking gate control room in Labs and protect him for 2 minutes.
  • Escort the hacker to the security room (yellow keycard) in Labs and protect him for 2 minutes.
  • (optional) Escort the hacker to the red key card room and protect him for 2 minutes.
  • Survive and exit the area.
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Hacker Pt. 6 – Homecoming

“All done. He has the ticket. Go finish what you started. Get him out.”


  • Escort the hacker through the woods to town.
  • Wait at the designated location until his exfil arrives.


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